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Graduations here, Graduations there, bow!


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Congratulations to all of the 2014-2015 graduates! Who already have marched through the portals of their earlier educations, and now they are promoted to a higher level, some to elementary, many to secondary and others to tertiary. But well wishes, best of all, to those who just made it to their bachelors’ degree, because your next challenge shall be the seeking of your early careers, which by far is the hardest.

However, if one is diligent to find a job, he surely can land and find the best that befits him. Zamboanga City is a reservoir of young professionals every year, that due to our universities and colleges around. In fact, the entire region sends their children here for their college educations.

Education is one of the most important answers against poverty and probably even to belligerence. Poverty can lead often to wrong paths because of the unwanted pressures. A number of bandits in our island’s hinterlands are only innocent victims to the allures of high shares of their loots, and of course the shiny armaments they received as already their own.

But our youths do needless to gamble in these useless sure perditions. Ask one of the Barangay eMedia’s hosts of the weekly program Asunto Legal, the good lawyer Atty. Eduardo Sanson, who came from a marginal family in Basilan, but despite he waded life’s difficulties through his studious perusals.

Success is for everyone. When a boy or a girl bears a dream in his or her heart, nothing shall be impossible to him or her. As they say, it is free to dream. After all, elementary and secondary in the country are free. When one reaches to colleges, there are also other agencies, both public and private, offering scholarship programs.

It is in the determination of the person. Parents must also know how to motivate their children to finish their studies. Money and materials things can be lost but not knowledge. Education cannot be stolen or robbed. It remains in you perpetually. Though, one must indeed learn to sacrifice to achieve success.

One of the reasons of the traffic build-ups everywhere are the graduations of schools these weeks. Fastfoods and restaurants are in the full capacities every day since graduations began. Catering establishments are also in their happiest because of their uncontrollable incomes. Hence, everybody happy!

For the high school, this year’s graduating class is the last batch to graduate in the old curriculum. The transition of the DedEp is now in place. The K-12 program has already been geared. Thus, colleges and universities will have to wait two more years to see the graduates of the first batch of the K-12.

Private tertiary institutions are also now applying other contingencies to augment the two-year gap. Some experts are opining that the K-12 can help boost and catapult the standards of our educational system in the country. Therefore, they say, everyone must help each other adapt the new impetus of our education similar to other developed countries.

Tertiary teachers are also now upgrading their credentials, for the new curriculum will only qualify college teachers as those who have masteral degrees to teach the new set-up in the tertiary level. However, critics do see the other angle of the picture, its down side. Well, the pros and the cons in the process.

They say that the K-12 does only worsen the already burdened shoulders of the country’s parents to send their children to school. They add that after their children can finish their bachelor’s degrees, they still will have slim chances to find better jobs. Anyways, Philippines is a free country, freedom of expression it is.

“The angel of the Lord encamps around those who fear him, and he delivers them.” (Ps. 34:7, NIV)

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