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AL pounds on 2 city officials


(BY: JUN FELICIANO) (Words of Enlightenment)

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I was listening to Al Alhabshi’s strong commentary on certain elective city officials (in his daily morning radio program “Buenas Dias Zamboanga!” over 91.5 DXKZ --Wild FM) who supposedly admitted to themselves as using or letting others the use of their own issued-city vehicles, for purposes not at all related to their functions as elective public officials.

THIS is, indeed, a strong bone of contention, so to speak--  seeing to it that elective officials in public governance should even display their aptness and propriety—in-fact, supposedly looked upon as role model of their own constituents in the community.

INSTEAD, they send a wrong signal -- so unbecoming and uncalled for, as they’re the very ones(as lawmakers) who break these laws with impunity-- of-course, with all due respect to others not adhering to their whims and caprices.

NOW, Al mentioned names here: DIST. 2 Councilor VP Elago who supposedly admitted in his face-book to have used his issued-city vehicle, not according to his being a city dad, but for the use of his own supposed  private belongings.

ON VICE Mayor Iturralde’s case, AL cited again the former’s supposed infraction as the second highest elective official of the city, for having self-confessed in allowing his own son to use his issued city-owned vehicle, conspicuously and indelibly marked on its side, “For Official Use Only” purportedly for our constituents to see that it’s strictly meant for such purpose, only.

Iturralde’s issued city gov’t-owned vehicle was reportedly detected by the PDEA agents as strangely parked one evening of last year in Brgy. Recodo, said to be the city’s main lair for its deplorable rampant illegal drug activities.

“By their own admission, is this not enough to impose sanctions on them by your committee on Ethics, Councilor Biel?” AL asked the council’s Committee Chair on Ethics, in the person of  Dist. 1 Councilor Noning Biel III when interviewed on the air.

COUNCILOR Biel gave his side, based on his own views and opinion, and not necessarily that of his 3(or4?)-member committee, as a whole, according to him.

“I cannot decide it by myself alone, as there’s our committee on Ethics to decide by following a due process. But, if you ask my own opinion, definitely, there was an infraction (on VP Elago’s part),” pointed out Councilor Biel.

ON Al’s line of argument, as a follow-up, Iturralde’s own admission of guilt that he allowed his son to use his issued vehicle-- not in any way related to his gov’t functions as Vice Mayor of the city, and as such, the  presiding officer of the city policy-making body that makes its own laws, -- is a woe by itself, for it breaches the very mandate entrusted on them (city councilors) by their own constituents.

 INSTEAD of being lawmakers, they’re now branded as lawbreakers-- indeed, a glum period for our city legislative body.

IN a nutshell, we have a legislative body mired in a mess as they don’t adhere to their own set of House Rules. To our chagrin, they can easily dispatch their very own set of House Rules to make their own as they wish, for their own whims.

WITHOUT their knowing, wittingly or unwittingly, they’re technically throwing their own House Rules to the window, as they’re merely making their own with such an impunity, for they can just get away with it. AS one caller of AL, puts it( in chabacano): “Taman tapahan lang sila lli!”

WHAT an appalling day for us all-- for having a legislative body that follows its own laws of the jungle.

Ke clase de conseho tiene kita, aura!(30)

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