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Medical assistance from Cong. Lilia’s office


(BY: REV. BERLIE G. YAP) Every time Cong. Lilia finished her program in Barangay eMedia, that is every Friday, expectedly there are, most of the time, indigent families who would wait her downstairs, of the station, to solicit her help, either for medical or hospitalization assistance. And for the record, the good solon has never said no.

This has been the heart of the legislator since, who also had served as the pioneer executive, and for years until her retirement, in the PCSO Zamboanga. There are thousands of families who could testify this fact, who as well experienced to the kindness of the woman whom they know and call as Ma’am Lilia.

One of the PCSO’s hard-working staff, Miss Fe Guiroy, as the social worker of the agency, had just graduated and made it to her board examination when she was employed and hired in the agency under the leadership of Cong Lilia. The former has been the first line personnel of the latter to the agency’s medical assistance department for years.

Fe is now holding a position in the same agency and still tirelessly works in a heartfelt public-service dedication. She, too, can attest the true heart of our law-maker of the 2nd district. As they say, kindness is by heart and it is a character of the person. It means that it cannot be faked, it is the real he of the individual.

Still on Friday, March 27, an automotive mechanic father, whose 2-year old son was admitted in ZCMC, went to seek hospital assistance to the office of Cong. Lilia. He was never denied but right away was helped. Around at that almost lunch time were Hannah and Beth Nuño, daughters of our solon, and staff Jun Matias.

The mechanic’s name is Nonoy Pioquinto. He worked to a certain auto company for years as one of its mechanic, but sadly, last December the company closed because of the stiff competitions in the business. Thus, the man was affected. At present, he only does extra jobs, when former clients of his company would call him for repairs.

If there are calls in a day, he can have income, but if there are none, which the usual case, his family would have to bear extra patience. Nonoy lives in Bunguiao. His son, who was admitted, is only less than 3-year old. He has an exceptional organic ailment which needs blood transfusion every two months.

Barangay eMedia saw the frail body of the boy when he was admitted last December, only few days before Christmas. The little savings of his parents in the process were scraped dry because of the need to the boy’s regular transfusions. Nonoy, thus, had no other way last Friday but to go to one of the personnel of Barangay eMedia to ask him help for the Solon.

They first passed the MSS office of the ZCMC. It is the internal department of the hospital helping and processing indigent families for their medical and hospitalization needs. Mrs. Myrna Lanuza, the department head, didn’t hesitate to right away scribble a recommendation to the congresswoman’s office for Nonoy’s son.

It was almost 12 noon. Without adieu Nonoy pedaled to drive his worn-out single motorcycle to Guiwan, at the office of Cong. Lilia. He was hesitant not to be entertained because of the time situation. But he had no choice as they were already advised by the hospital for discharge on that day. He was thinking to avoid additional expenses.

Under the heat of the sun, he took his chances. To where he proceeded, he discovered, wasn’t just the office of the congresswoman but her very residence. The more the former felt the intimidation. But to his surprise, everyone inside accommodated him. In less than 10 minutes, he was given a certificate and told, your bills are handled now by the office of Cong. Lilia.

According to the automotive mechanic, his tears were to fall but he only held his bearing. The amount of his accountability was more than P5k. As mentioned earlier, he doesn’t have this much already. To make long story, the family was able to leave right on time, before 3 in the afternoon.

There how many people yet around in our City, similar to the pitiful fate of Nonoy, who need unconditional help? The Lord says, “You always have the poor.” Folks, let’s not forget that the sole reason why we are more blessed or given the better influence, is because that we also can be a help to others especially the weak.

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(Congratulations to Jairah Grace S. Cangson, who bags as Valedictorian in UZ Technical High School. Jairah is the daughter of Rev. & Mrs.Adelio Cangson, the proud parents are teachers by profession. The Dad teaches in Zion Evangelical School while the Mom runs a pre-school in Mercedez, where they reside.)

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