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Huh, A Tombstone?


eMedia Mo by Rev. Berlie G. Yap February 07, 2017

A concrete something was built or erected by the City Councilor Rudy Bayot, which looks like a tombstone, along the highway of the by-pass road. Exactly, such close in proximity to where that college student was slain, a month ago, in the said stretch. Well, in fairness the good councilor cleaned the site. As in literally Bayot cut the tall grasses around; he also beautifully arranged rocks and pebbles in the area.Then, he later painted them, and such producing a very attractive landscape in the place.

When Bayot was interviewed by Barangay eMedia last week, he told the latterthat he comes to the place literally every day. He admitted, that even on session days they have at the City Council, he would leave on break times, as to drive for 30 minutes just to be able to visit to this said place. Bayot explained that he has been doing such custom, even when he was yet a barangay chairman in Tumaga.

He said that onto places where his former constituents would throw their trashes, he would personally go and clean them. He would paint them too. It is accordingly his way to rebuke his careless neighbors. Now, Bayot believes that the murder and the rape of that college student, is relative to throwing one’s trashes along in the by-pass highway, and it is the worst.

Candidly, many liked the endeavor of Councilor Bayot, including Barangay eMedia. But no sooner, folks were surprised to see that Bayot, with the blessing of the City Council, erected a tombstone in the place, and sans the permission of the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). Well, the by-pass road is the project of the latter, so that the necessary jurisdiction is upon them.

According to partners GIL Climaco and Rey Bayona Bayoging (RBB), the duo hosts of the morning primetime program Emedia Mo, Bayot should have asked the DPWH’s permission. The duo hosts also pounded that why place a tombstone in a public place and a highway at that!Is it because the demise of that college victim was polarized by all the media outfits in La Bella? According to partner GIL, it could be that those accidental media mileage indirectly caused this unusual act of our local politicians.

Accordingly, the tombstone had the blessings of the City Council and even by our Lady Mayor. Now, how about those other victims of horrible crimes in the past, do we also need to build tombstones for them, pressed by partner RBB. The latter explained that there was that girl who was also found dead, and was already a skeleton, in the grassy hills of San Roque. She too was a student. Do we also need to build a tombstone for her, similar to that in the by-pass road?

Such concrete is sending a wrong signal to the Zamboangueño people. Partner RBB added that there where those families, of victims of past crimes all over, who already asked his help to also request the City Council to build their dead loved-ones tombstones. Partner RBBopined that we ought to stay giving the necessary empathy to the deceased victims, and also to console their living relatives because of the pains which the latter would have to go through.

Albeit, we are powerless already to undo the past, thus it is quite imperative for us to then move on, and let the nightmares go.By inference, those which have passed the lenses of the media do have the better advantages from our politicians, because surely they can glean the extra ordinary attentionsfrom the latter.

Such is the actual case in the by-pass road. By all means, everyone understands the affection of Councilor Bayot to the poor victim, who was haplessly killed on that fateful night, in the highway of the by-pass road. But maybe, the local legislator has also gone beyond his limits.Barangay eMedia is asking if our local leaders can reconsider it, as to maybe avoid its unnecessary negative effectsto the general public.

Sow for yourselves righteousness;reap steadfast love;break up your fallow ground,for it is the time to seek the LORD,that he may come and rain righteousness upon you.You have plowed iniquity;you have reaped injustice;you have eaten the fruit of lies.Because you have trusted in your own wayand in the multitude of your warriors,therefore the tumult of war shall arise among your people,and all your fortresses shall be destroyed…” (Hos. 10:12-14, ESV)

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