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Pawa’s family to make Kuwait trip on March


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IN Quezon City, its local officials recently feted 10 of its barangays already declared as free of illegal drugs.

HOW about in our city, how’ll our local gov’t officials treat our own barangays if cleared of the drug menace in their respective communities, to serve as sort of  incentives to them?

THE question, however, lingers on in one’s  mind, “Is there any, out of its 98 total of villages or barangays, found already as cleansed totally of drugs?”

Of-course, It remains to be seen.



DOLE Sec. Silvestre Bello III warns firm employers of exercising labor malpractices and/or discriminations— to include their rejecting  of old-age job applicants.

IN a Department Order issued by his office last Feb. 3, violators will be penalized and slapped with stiff fines in their amounts to reach up to P500,000; imprisonment ranging from 3 months up to 2 years.

SEC. Bello’s DO will take effect in its implementation within 15 days after its publication in the newspaper of a major circulation. More new directives have been issued by Sec. Bello that are pro-laborers in nature, like the prohibitions on the employers requiring job applicants to indicate their ages; their dates of birth; retrenchment from work due to old age, and etc.

IN Kuwait, they allow their workers to continue on with their jobs albeit their pretty advanced ages, as long as they can still deliver their talents and their skills for the good of their business firms. And, it has been undeniably proven that our OFWs are their best labor imports, ever. But, many of them have ruefully paid so dearly. They fall victims to frameups set up by their own employers committing their grave abuses on them. One of which was the celebrated case of our own lady OFW Jukadia Pawa who was hanged to death by a Kuwait court last Jan. 24.  Up to her last breath, she denied having anything to do with the fatal stabbing of her own female employer’s 22-year old daughter back in May of 2007. She said it was her employer herself who repeatedly knifed to death her young daughter whom she caught with her boyfriend having sex inside her own bedroom upon their arrival from a vacation to Iran that fateful night.


SPEAKING of the Pawa family back home here, Julkadia’s two teenaged daughters are likely to visit their late mother’s tomb in Kuwait where she was immediately buried following her execution, by the month of March.

OWWA-9 Regional Director Hassan “Sany” T. Jumdain revealed last week that the OWWA main office in Metro Manila has given the green-light for the late Pawa’s two surviving young daughters to travel to Kuwait. They’ll be accompanied by their own uncle PAF Col. Angaris Pawa (Julkadia’s older brother)  who has been their guardian since their mother left for Kuwait to work as a household helper in 2002.

DIR. Jumdain will personally escort them in their trip to Kuwait tentatively set late of March.

“I’ll probably escort them for the trip,” the OWWA-9 director hinted to Pencing.

You might as well go with them Dir. Sany, and to serve as their own personal tour guide in their long sad journey to pay their last respects to their late mom in that oil-rich Arab country where her remains were interred in her lonely grave, so miles away from her own mother land, the Philippines


DIR. Jumdain was a member of the Presidential Task Force sent to the Middle East to assist in the mass evacuation of 28,000 Filipinos crossing the borders between Alkhafji in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait, Jordan and Iraq caught in the crossfire of the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait during the first Gulf War in l990. He stayed in the Iraqi Jordanian border for 59 grueling days in the company of the International Red Cross and the Jordanian Red Crescent. He also assisted in the mass evacuation and repatriation of 5,000 Filipinos affected during the l994 Civil War between the North and South Yemen.

PERHAPS, Jumdain’s most rewarding period was on February 17,l991 after the Liberation of Kuwait by the US and the Allied Forces, when he was the recipient of the “King Fahad Liberation of Kuwait Gold Medal” of Saudi Arabia for exemplary service to the Filipinos during the l990-l991 Gulf War along with the Letter of Recognition from the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs—a rare accolade and distinction from the Saudi government for assisting distressed  Filipino nationals confined at the Social Welfare in Riyadh on February 13, l991.

THESE are just a few of Jumdain’s numerous outstanding accomplishments and achievements as a Labor Attache and Welfare Officer when on assignments abroad.  By Jun Feliciano (30)

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