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A Painful End


A young lady, from Guisao, worked in Manila as a call-center agent, to help her family here in Zamboanga City. Her dad had an accident months ago. The latter is a farmer; one day, he climbed to a tree and fell, in such a height of some 50 feet. Since then, the latter was already half-body paralyzed. Whereas, the mother is presently tending some ornamental plants, which she in turn sell. Such proceeds, she augment the family’s expenditures and the medicine of her husband.

More of all, the same young daughter is the most source of the provisions in the family. Then, a fateful crime, last week, totally changed everything, in the story of this humble family. The daughter was held-up in Guadalupe, Makati City. Probably she resisted the unknown hold-upper, so that the latter shot the former. The sad news: the daughter was fatally wounded and succumbed to death. She died on the spot, and such happened on February 3.

The world of the family, in Guisao, crumbled. When Barangay eMedia went to interview them, through partner Kap Fred Atilano, they worried for the cadaver of their daughter. They are so poor that they didn’t have any centavo to pay for the funeral parlor, which temporary attended and housed the young lady’s remains,in Pasig City. Let alone on the transportation of the remains back here in Zamboanga City! In fact, they could not even go to Manila.

The sick father asked the Zamboangueño people, through the cameras of Barangay eMedia, if they can possibly help them. Barangay eMedia was touched also by the story, so that it began to contact certain agencies like the CSWD, the DSWD, Secretary Andanar and the office of Senator Cynthia Villar. To make the long story short, the family was helped. Senator Villar pledged to pay the funeral expenses, while the DSWD and the CSWD undertook the rest, especially the airlifting process of the body.

Definitely, many people were moved of the humanity aspect in the story. A young lady dared to work in the urban jungle of Manila, because of the simple and honest love she had for her family. Indeed, the young woman had a big heart. She was an exemplary daughter. Albeit, the gross criminality of the country’s capital cut her life short.

The family in Guisao, and also the Zamboangueños, are crying for justice. There could be CCTV cameras all over, in the scene of the crime. After all, it is Makati City. At the moment, Barangay eMedia is trying to connect to some high officials in Malacañang, if they something can also help solve this particular case.

According to the young lady’s friends, the latter was a bright student, especially during their college days. In fact, it was her very capital to dare her luck in Manila. That to think Guisao is a very sleepy barangay. It is safe to presume that the daughter’s life was also a kind of a rural thing. Nonetheless, she thought for her family. Hence, she waded all the necessary challenges, just to be able to help her parents then.

Sadly, just in a blink, all of those good dreams snapped and it was lostforever. There are morerelative stories, dozens of them, of our local youths who are simply motivated by their honest love to their families that they become willing to risks all the odds along, as to work in other places. Well, undeniably countless of them do also have stories of success. But at the same time, there are a few, who are not so fortunate. Metro Manila is littered with hundreds of criminals, and they strike anytime or victimize to any susceptible victim.

If Zamboanga City can have call center firms here, probably there could also be hundreds of Zamboangueño youths who would not anymore leave but will work then here. Because they could be close to their families. But admittedly, local opportunities are not that ample in La Bella. Thus, many of our youths would have to leave still, and try their lucks outside. We ought to pray for their safety. Daily, they battle different situations which need the protectionof the Father.

“Does not wisdom call?Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way,at the crossroads she takes her stand; beside the gates in front of the town,at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud: ‘To you, O men, I call,and my cry is to the children of man. O simple ones, learn prudence;O fools, learn sense.” (Prov. 8:1-5, ESV)

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