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Do we also have a “Noynoy Case” here?


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TOP female columnist Carmen Pedrosa exposed anew the mental illness since childhood days of ex-President NoyNoy Aquino III, to the press.
BACK then, when she and her group based in the United States had learned that the late Pres. Cory Aquino’s only son then Sen. NoyNoy Aquino III was vying for the Philippine presidency in the 2010 presidential elections, they reportedly filed a formal protest to prevent him from seeking the country’s highest elective post considering his mental problem that even  his own parents and his all-female siblings are aware of.
BUT, this was totally hidden from the public as even the press shrugged it off, amid the euphoria of the NoyNoy Aquino for President movement that was strongly campaigning for him to be the country’s next President. Backed up by the popular “Cory Yellow” team, Noynoy went on to win, and became its country’s 15th President of the Republic.
ACCORDING to his medical records as compiled by his own doctor, a neuro-psychiatrist, Noynoy is a person suffering from a bipolar disorder.
THE doctor describes it as having two different attitudes or natures. The doctor added that it’s characterized by the person’s “shifts between episodes of  maniac and depression.”
Acaba ya kta ste!
Do we also have our own case/s here? Alli el macamiedo c tiene.
CRITICS here slam the timid leadership of VM Cesar Iturralde as SP (City Council) presiding officer.
“It appears to us he isn’t its presiding officer, but (Dist. 1) Councilor Cesar Jimenez. Look who talks a lot there? It’s not Vice Mayor Iturralde, but its majority floor-leader, Sang Jimenez,” the group grumbled.
Ese pa!
PRES. Duterte plans to restore back the Philippine Constabulary to the fold as a major law enforcement force to reckon with, anew.
THE defunct PC (in short) was replaced by the then PC/INP(Integrated National Police) in mid1980s. In a bid to improve its supposed- tarnished image during the dark days of Martial Law, the Cory Aquino government abolished it. In its place, thePhilippine National Police(PNP) was formed inl991.Designated as Chief PNP was its first Director General Cesar Nazareno who ruled the country’s police forces, perhaps the longest.
BACK to enraged Pres. Duterte, desperately frustrated over all the heinous crimes reportedly perpetrated by rogue cops, capped by the gruesome murder of Korean businessman Jee Ick Jooright inside Camp Crame last October with its Anti-Illegal Drugs Group(AIDG) as the suspectedmasterminds, tough-talking Du30 is hell-bent to get rid of them.
THIS is a big insult that absolutely affects the whole PNP institution. It’s about time to effect its major overhaul. One of which is to do something more tough and strict in its screening process for new police recruits.  There have been strong allegations, for so long, that rampant massive irregularities are going on in its recruitment activities which could be true.
NO wonder, Duterte is right by saying that the PNP is 40% corrupt to the core. Santisima! By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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