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A Fearful Sound From Down Bellow


During the weekly program, Sisterly Yours, of Councilor Beth Nuño last Friday—February 8, her good mom was her guest. The former representative of the District 2, Ma’am Lilia Nuño, brought about a certain recent concern which were brought to her from the folks of our island barangays, especially from the Sacol Island. Accordingly, residents in the place did hear unusual and fearful strong sounds, emitted from the island waters below.
In fact, many of the residents in Sacol Island, for several nights, would run to climb to a nearby hill and stay there overnight, for their fear that such sound was some underneath earthquake, so that the waterscould suddenly pull any terrible tsunami waves against them. Concerned to what the island folks ailed, Ma’am Lilia referred the issue to the PhiVolcs office here in downtown, as to confirm any seismic activity within our territories.
So far, the Phivolcs said that there were no any registered tremors in the jurisdiction of La Bella. Everything is peaceful and pristine. Well, other hearsays are surfacing amongst the local folks in the islands, that those noises could be activities of military submarines which were actually doing some regular exercises in the waters of our City. We all know that there are military troops all over in the country, and they are also regularly involved to certain exercises or activitieswhich they keep in discreet from the general public.
None can tell though, and so far as to the writing of this article, nobody has inquired any concerned agencies which has connections to the Armed Forces. Anyways, we are thankful that there were no earthquakes or worse tsunami which happened in our territory. But sure two days ago, Surigao City was rocked with a strong earthquake, which devastated many infrastructures in their place.
Few days before the tremor struck the Surigao province, local fishermen caught a number of oarfish in their seawaters. Now, many believe that such phenomenon was earlier sign that a sure catastrophe was coming. Four years ago, when a gigantic tsunami hit Japan, oarfish did also show-up amongst the Japanese coasts. Then the earthquake, and later the tsunami,hit Japan.
It did even claim human lives in the process. The stricken areas in the provinces of Surigao are now placed into a state of calamity. Imagine, if such did also happen here in La Bella. Fortuitous events can strike anytime, and without our hints. They are inevitable natural calamities which usually bring fearful destructions in epic proportions.
Forty years ago, Zamboanga Peninsula had also experienced a strong earthquake. In fact, at that time the epicenter was Zamboanga City. Albeit, the worse destructions were in Zamboanga del Sur. Many coastal towns in the latter were partly decimated. Pagadian City, Margosatubig, Alicia and also Malangas were ones of them. Thousands of lives were affected and millions of infrastructures were then destroyed.
Let’s continue to pray for our City. It seems that natural calamities are now common everywhere. We won’t lose anything if we reach to our Creator. Zamboanguños are religious people. We easily run to the almighty, anytime calamities strike to disturb our land. But it could be wise also, if our local government may investigate about such phenomenon, which our island barangays did recently allege.
Meanwhile, last Saturday the General Parents-Teachers Association (GPTA) of the Regional Science High School (RSHS) met in the school’s open-court, to stage that what they called their silent protests against the school’s principal—for her wrong attitude which she showed against one of her teachers. There were hundreds of parents, students and also alumni who showed-up in the said gathering.
After the speeches of the different resource speakers, the officers of the GPTA filed a resolution, andsuch recommending the immediate transfer of the principal to another school, because her attitude is accordingly a clear detriment to the population of the school. But another parent pointed that, the resolution should not only be a mere transfer, but the actual dismissal of the said principal.
Anyways, Barangay eMedia will keep to follow the progression of this particular situation, and report to you soon. Because it seems that the parents, students and the alumni of the school are seriously dealing such situation, in their own capacity. Admittedly, any school is also a community—where the parents are definitely one of the important parties in the said community. They are a stakeholder worthy to be reckoned with, by the Department of Education (DepEd).
“Whoever loves discipline loves knowledge, but he who hates reproof is stupid. A good man obtains favor from the Lord, but a man of evil devices he condemns. No one is established by wickedness, but the root of the righteous will never be moved.” (Prov. 12, 1-3, ESV)
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