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Most Were Asleep When Bullets Hit Them


The explosive news which literally rocked the general public of Zamboanga City yesterday, February 15, was the strafing of the Rural Transit Bus in Barangay Muti, on the midnight of Monday. Generally, it is now pretty safe to travel—whether to Sibugay, to del Norte or to del Sur, even at midnight in the national highway of La Bella. In fact, by-land trips, from our Integrated Bus Terminal (IBT),has 24/4schedules for some time already, and it has only 30-minute intervals per trip.
Apparently, criminal elements in our highways were gradually curbed, in the process, by the authorities. But then, things were defied again when another newer atrocity happened, two nights ago in Muti. Barangay eMedia conducted then a special coverage yesterday, beginning at 4-9AM, as to report to La Bella the actual and entire story of the situation.
Our field reporters interviewed the very driver of the bus. The man said that he never saw the shooters. The highway and long stretch of Muti was very dark. By inference, the criminal elements could be hiding amongst the hills in the place, or maybe onto the grasses along the highway. Fortunately, the said driver of the bus was not hurt, that he was still able to continue to maneuver his vehicle, until they reached to the closest military checkpoint in the area.
There were 8 passengers who were hurt. Nobody died, and all of the victims were brought back to the City, to be admitted at the Zamboanga City Medical Center (ZCMC). Notably, the bus driver maintained his focus. Provincial bus drivers are trained to such situations, to be able to respond well in any emergency. Admittedly, one of the risks which bus companies do have to face, now and then, in the highways of Zamboanga Peninsula is the unavoidable confrontation of criminal elements along, in any of their trips.
The authorities do have now possible suspects, or the very perpetrators of the strafing. But when Barangay eMedia interviewed the military, they were not willing to disclose any details. The obvious reason sare their present operations against the latter. With regards to our City police, they also are now endeavoring a hot pursuit operation to certain criminal personalities, who are infamously renowned as operating along the highway of the East Coast.
By all means, any time soon, possible arrests may be done by our authorities against the suspects. Barangay eMedia had also acquired, both, still and video footages of the bullet holes of the very subject bus. The same bullet holes attest the kind of weapons used by the criminal elements. They are all high-powered arms. With regards to the number of the shooters, at the time of the writing of this article, they are still undetermined.
Albeit, to what is sure: there could be more than one shooter. The number of the bullet holes in the bus simply say so. After all, these notorious criminals do not dare to show-off strength, unless they attack susceptible victims in a group or in a band. Anyways, we can know then any details soon, as our authorities may be able to apprehend any suspect, in the process.
The victims’ addresses vary. There are those who came from other places, and there are those who are also from Zamboanga City. But amongst the 8 wounded, most of them are either from Sibugay or del Norte. They picked the midnight travel because they were running after time. They too had their own schedules to catch. But it was unfortunate that the recent strafing has kept them a little more in La Bella, in an unexpected manner.
We really cannot know what to happen next, even short as five minutes from now. Barangay eMedia wonders if how the families of the victims received the news. They must be worried and were immediately anxious to know the well-being of the latter. The local government is taking care of the necessary hospital expenses of the victims. What had happened was a force majeure event. Hence, the State ought to come and help the affected ones.
“Sheol and Abaddon lie open before the Lord; how much more the hearts of the children of man! A scoffer does not like to be reproved; he will not go to the wise. A glad heart makes a cheerful face, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is crushed.The heart of him who has understanding seeks knowledge, but the mouths of fools feed on folly.” (Prov. 15:11-14, ESV)
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