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Where’s Julkadia Pawa’s missing “blood money”?


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)
Every step in our life is a step towards eternity. The Inevitable comes like a thief in the night.
“Many of those whose bodies lie dead and buried will rise up, some to everlasting life, and some to shame and everlasting disgrace.” (Daniel 12: 2). Email:
WAS it triggered by the powerful Surigao quake last Friday afternoon?
Or was it the result of the current phenomenal Climate Change that’s sweltering our planet Earth?
ACCORDING TO CDRRM Officer DR. Elmeir Apolinario the Manicahan big waves were spawned most likely by the current Climate Change phenomenon.
“It was most likely due to the Climate Change, Jun,” thus, clarified ZCDRRM Officer Dr. Elmeir Apolinario on Tuesday.
ELMEIR based his report on PHIVOLCS’ findings that couldn’t show any clear proof about a possible tsunami, resulting from last Friday’s strong earthquake that struck Surigao City with a magnitude of 6.7 on its Richter scale.
APOLINARIO advised the residents living nearby the seashores to take all the precautionary measures with the help of their own barangay officials of their coastal villages in the wake of the latest disaster that hit Brgy. Manicahan.
AT-LEAST, eight(8) houses made of light materials, were washed away by the big waves, according to reports.
POLICE Supt. Ariel Huesca has fully redeemed himself. After a brief smack on his brilliant career, when unduly implicated on the smuggling issue, the young police colonel bounces back, and is now the new ZCPO police station 11 commander. He assumed command when officially designated by his immediate superior ZCPO Director S/Supt. Luisito Magnaye, last Feb. 7.
HUESCA vowed to strengthen the city’s security measures. In his 3-pronged approachto help ensure the peace and order in the city, Huesca said he’ll focus on law enforcement drive, more aggressively; maximize police visibility, and bolster community partnership.
HE said he’ll also pursue the other good programs of his predecessor Supt. Bonifacio Aranas who’s now assigned in Metro Manila as the deputy of the newly-formed PNP counter-intelligence group that’s tasked mainly to discipline its rank and file suspected as the police scalawags within its own PNP organization.
“Of-course, I’ll pursue my predecessor’s  good programs,” he stressed.
SO, all I can say, “Good Luck to you Col. Huesca!
THIS appears something new that has cropped up behind the sad episode of Julkadia Pawa— our martyred local OFW who was hanged to death in Kuwait last Jan. 24 for a crime she confessed she never committed.
The Pawa family is now asking the Duterte government to conduct an in-depth  investigation on the supposed missing “blood money” worth P16 million.
The “bloody money” was said intended to remove Julkadia from the death row, thereby saving her life. But, it was said that  the victim’s next-of-kinrefused to accept it, hence her death sentence was carried out, in the end.
“Iyonlang an gaming gusto malaman kung saan na ang P16 million blood money,” disclosed PAF Lt. Col. Angaris Pawa, Julkadia’s older brother, and the guardian of her two surviving teenaged daughters who have been under his care since their mother left for Kuwait as a household helper in 2002.
OWWA-9 Regional Director Hassan Gabra ‘Sani” T. Jumdain has promised he’ll help the Pawas in their quest for justice- to include bringing to the attention of OWWA central office, as to whatever happens to the”blood money.”
“I’ll definitely help them ( thePawas),” pledged Jumdain.
JULKADIA’S two daughterswhose family hails from Zamboanga del Norte, but presently residing in Brgy. Guiwan, is slated to leave for Kuwait, courtesy of OWWA, to visit their late mother’s tomb, on March.
Julkadia, 42, was immediately buried in Kuwait following her execution at 8am of Jan. 24. She was falsely accused by her own lady employer in the fatal stabbing of her own 22-year old daughter who was caught having sex with her boyfriend inside her mom’s bedroom after arriving home from their vacation in Iran. But, Julkadia confessed she never committed the crime. Instead, she claimed it was her own lady Kuwait employer whom she saw stabbing her daughter repeatedly, for so incensed on what she saw.
IN Kuwait, women caught having sex outside marriage is a big shame to their own family.
THE strafing of the rural transit bus bound for Pagadian City coming from this city late on Tuesday night, couldn’t yeet be exactly determined by our police authorities, according to news reports.
BUT, one of most likely motives, could be the handiwork of the extortionists—out to harass the bus company for their extortion activities. Although, this could also be attributed to the atrocious movements of the rebel groups known for so long having their nearby lairs surrounding close to their renowned sanctuary situated in Tungawan complex. There are other possible motives, but the most compelling ones are the cited above.
Accordingly, at-least eight(8) passengers of the ill-fated passenger bus were injured in the surprise attack that transpired along the MCLL national highway of Buenavista near Brgy. Curuan, some 40 kilometers east of the city.
Its driver wasn’t hurt at all, according to reports, and managed to reach the marine checkpoint set up a distance away.
WHAT makes its worse, the street’s secluded area is known as without light since Adam, hence likened to its primitive days
Ese pa! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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