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Three gigantic tasks of the City Government


Timely self-evacuation spared several sea coast residents in Manicahan from possible injuries and even deaths, when huge waves brought about by the northeast monsoon (amihan) struck their vicinity, and partially destroyed seven houses.
It is largely speculated, coming as it did soon after the Surigao killer quake struck, that the cause of the waves were tectonic movements due to the latter phenomenon.
Aini Alaji, 32, said strong waves started pounding their houses early Sunday night, prompting them to voluntarily move to higher ground, They are temporarily staying at neighbors' houses, and are awaiting assistance from the local government.
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The local government of Zamboanga is embarking on, at least three gigantic tasks. First it asked the national government for the return of ARMM properties to Zamboanga and the re-designation of  Zamboanga city as the Regional Government, Center. In a twin bold move ,Zamboanga Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar voiced her objection to the entry of thousands of deportees and hundreds of errant police personnel to the city of Zamboanga, proposing a resolution not to accept thousands of deportees expected to arrive in the city as a result of a crackdown on illegal workers by Malaysian uthorities. The first twin move was contained in a letter dated February 10, 2017 sent by Zamboanga Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco- Salazar to President Rodrigo Duterte. The local government is claiming the properties by virtue of Republic Act No. 9054 “An Act to Strengthen and Expand the Organic Act for the ARMM,” which reportedly ives the right to local government units that voted against inclusion in the ARMM to purchase such properties from the national government. In opposing the arrival of policemen facing administrative charges to the city, saying that it will be a “burden for the city government.”
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Here’s good news for minimum wage earners (MWEs), both in the government and the private sector.
The Supreme Court (SC) has nullified certain provisions of Revenue Regulation No. 10-2008 that restrict the enforcement of the law that provides additional tax exemptions to them. 
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno, herself penned the unanimously approved SC decision, to qualify MWEs who earn purely compensation income for the privilege of exemption in case they receive bonuses and other compensation-related benefits exceeding the statutory ceiling of P30,000.
Also, the prorated application of the personal and additional exemptions was retained.
Almost all the petitioners against the revenue regulation contended that while RA 9504 provided tax exemption to minimum wage earners and an increased personal exemption to P50,000 and additional exemption to P25,000 for each qualified dependent child, but not exceeding four children, starting on Jan. 1, 2008, the revenue regulation contradicted the law by making the tax exemption and the additional exemptions effective starting July 6, 2008.
In granting the petitions, the SC said that the DOF and the BIR committed grave abuse of discretion of discretion in promulgating Sections 1 and 3 of RR 10-2008.
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Mines terror Sec. Gina Lopez of the Environment Department struck again, cancelling more mining contracts for MPSAs., totaling 75. MPSA are mineral sharing agreements wherein the government gets a share in the production of the mining company, whether in kind or in values, in return for their right to mine. Under the scheme, the mining contractor provides the necessary financing, technology, management, and personnel needed in the project.
Based on Mines and Geosciences Bureau (MGB) records, there are currently 311 existing MPSAs, of which only 96 are operational. With the new Lopez terror move, only 21 were spared. In Zamboanga, companies that are at risk of losing their MPSAs are Siennalyn Gold Mining Corp., Solid North Mineral Corp., Atro Mining-Vitali Inc., 168 Ferrum Pacific Mining Corp., Geotechniques and Mines Inc., Roldan Dalman, Peng Cheng Metallic Resources Corp., Maharlika Dragon Mining Corp., and Czarstone Mining Corp.
And at least two big mining firms are known to have business interests in the Zamboanga Peninsula - Alsons Development and Investment Co. Inc. and TVI Resources Development Phils., which is reported to have stopped operations earlier on.
Lopez said these companies will receive show-cause orders from the Department of Environment and Natural Resources starting Wednesday and will be given seven days to explain why they can keep their MPSAs.
“We don’t want more MPSA (given to mining operations) near watershed,” Lopez said, adding, the MPSAs that are to be cancelled are not yet operational, and will  be before they start operating, so no one will lose jobs.
Whew such piggish logic. But of course. How can one lose his job before even being hired. However, regrettable is that, they will lose job opportunities. Such inane sense. Say you?
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This one starts obviously with a crack at ex-Pres. GMA. No wheelchair or neck brace, no escape plan or hospital arrest.
Sen. Leila Dilemma, ooops, de Lima has begun preparing herself and her family in case a court orders her arrest. She expects the Department of Justice would soon resolve criminal complaints implicating her in illegal drugs when she was justice secretary.
She said she expected Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II to railroad the filing of charges against her in a Regional Trial Court instead of referring the case to the Ombudsman, which is mandated to handle complaints against government officials.
“There is nothing I could do... What can I do? I will not flee, I will not go into hiding, I will not go to the hospital, I will not use a wheelchair, I will not use a neck brace,” she said.
Referring to Albuera Mayor Rolando Espinosa Sr. who was killed by policemen in detention, she added, she hopes they will put her in a safe and secure place, explaining several have been killed in detention… “so what is another EJK (extrajudicial killing)?”
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Confusion on the announced P2 billion aid to quake victims of the Surigao continues to bustle. The president’s spokesmen do not seem to properly interpret his pronouncements. First, Malacañang Information Officer, Martin Andanar corrected a presidential announcement, saying the P2 billion was not for the quake victims but communities surrounding mines affected by the Sec. Lopez-ordered mine closures, But Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella came up with an assertion, the Pres. Duterte did earmark the amount for Surigao relief operations.
On Monday, Andanar said he had checked with Special Assistant to the President Christopher Go on his interpretation.
But what exactly the Duterte clone answered was not clear, except that Andanar continued to stick to his version, saying, “I would like to clarify that. The President was saying that in the context of the mining… That’s how I understood it. Because that’s what the President is saying, he was talking about the mining problem all throughout, then he inserted the P2 billion,” he added.
Abella, on the other also stuck to his, and said, he was not casting blame on Andanar.
“I did not say he released wrong information… I’m just going to base on what the President is saying,” he insisted.
Asked to comment on the mix-up, Abella said the government is “still learning” to adapt to the President’s pronouncements. “I suppose we are all learning,” he concluded.
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Wives of government got a spanking right on Valentine’s day. Here are brief insights due to space constraints. Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez is booting out his wife from the Batasan complex, where she is holding office as president of the Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc., a private organization.
On the other hand, Police Director General Ronald dela Rosa bared, domineering wives make rogue cops. And advised wives not to be too demanding and domineering because this could, at times, force their husband to becoming corrupt government enforcers.
“Don’t pressure your husband to produce material things because this will pressure him to look for other sources of income through illegal means. This will lead to corruption,” Dela Rosa stressed, as he reminded them that the PNP has intensified its cleansing of ranks by removing erring cops from the service. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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