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ZC officials in hot water due to Musa case?


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LET’S be careful of those preachers who appear like acting as the angels here on the earth, but preaching their own words contrary to God’s very own teachings. Let’s listen to what St. Paul warns us, “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1: 8). Email:



OUR top city officials are poised to face raps  for the Musa case, once a complaint will reach the Ombudsman for supposed malversation of funds, a top reliable source disclosed on Wednesday.

THE source said COA has discovered the supposed glaring irregularities in the disbursement of city funds, accordingly, for the continued payment of salaries for Musa and his staff, albeit their termination, and subsequently replaced by a new IP setup in the council, since May of 2016.

AT the same time, the source revealed that former Councilor Ismael Musa’s petition to the NCIP en-banc in central office, Metro Manila, for his possible reinstatement as the city’s rightful IP representative in the city council, was denied for lack of jurisdiction. The decision was released only this week, the source added.

WE’LL secure its complete details in the days to come. In the meantime, please hold  your breath, till we get there.

MUSA was removed from his seat by the city’s IP council of elders under former OMA director Caloy Bandayingon the ground of his supposed political affiliation with the local LDP party under Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat, and that violates the IP’s strictly apolitical stand, according to its council of elders.

THE local IPsector representative in the council is now Councilor Tungkuh Hanapi, the former barangay chairman of Kasanyangan Village.

WE’LL let you know its latest on the issue, the soonest possible. So, therefore, abangannn!



LADY Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar disputed talks that there’s no one from her camp following up and lobbying up there in Malacañang, to finally make it happen: for the city’s airport transfer to Mercedes, as long, envisioned. Apart from this, the city needs to also lobby that fast for the immediate transfer, as well of its city jail station to its conducive site, likewise, in Brgy. Mercedes near its PRO-9 hqtrs.

“It’s not true. In-fact, we have our Cong. MannixDalipe doing the lobbying (for these),” debunked the lady city executive in a press-con the other day.

“C Cong. Celso (Lobregat), nuay man c Mayor Beng mentiona cay ta ayuda tamen?” otro c Bogs ta ace ya tamen intriga. Ebos gayot!

“Hinde’sos man mentahan nombre,” ya entra tamen c Ador nuay na ora.

“Break yaba se sila,?” otro el gongong, ebos gayot Nadooo!!



THE name of Atty. Jesus “Jess” T. Balicanta, was stricken out from the Roll of Attorneys by the Supreme Court(SC) sitting en-banc, and therefore, was disbarred based on its decision penned on Oct. 4, 2002, for grave misconduct and gross abuse of his lawyering profession.

I read in part its long decision from the Internet on the prodding of my own son(Michael Angelo) taking up law at WMSU, at present, and I find it just shocking!

“JESS” topped # 9 in the l972 bar exam, and was held in high esteem by his peers in the law profession.

AN eloquent speaker, Jess ran for Vice Mayor under the KBL ticket in l980 local elections that was held for the first time during the martial law days under the Marcos repressive regime. Despite claiming to be Marcos’s nephew—as to be related on the maternal side(the Edralins), the KBL lineup was badly beaten in the local polls by the CCA ticket led by the legendary late Mayor Cesar C. Climaco.

JESS was one of my wedding sponsors when I got married in l978. He was also my late father(Mario Jalon Feliciano, Sr.)’s legal counsel in a civil case having to do with a parcel of land believed owned by our great, great grandfather, Victor Feliciano, somewhere in Brgy. Tetuan. But, my father’s case was never heard of since then, just after his untimely demise, March of l979. My younger brother (Michael), though, is well-versed of its historical facts, and is still working on it along with our eldest Rosauro who’s now based in Kuwait.

JESS was last seen by me in the l970s while  in the company of Atty. Hasan Alam, my classmate at the then Ateneo de Zamboanga (now Ateneo DE Zamboanga University-ADZU), back in the l960s.

THE duo were among our most promisingyoung  lawyers then. During their heydays as law practitioners, they were prominent in being the legal counsels of the city’s then prestigious barter traders business associations that thrived in this part of the region during the martial law days.

I find it weird that the twosome would ultimately end up with their respective careers literally devastated.

ATTY. Alam is now languishing in jail, facing kidnapping charges for the infamous Hablo kidnapping in year (2008?.. not sure.) .

WELL, as world famous balladeer Frank Sinatra croons the first line, “That’s life…”, then, what more can I add? (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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