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Sink Hole in the Waters


Engr. Allan Labayog, of PHIVOLCS Zamboanga City, was the guest of the weekly program of Councilor Lilibeth Nuño Veloso “Sisterly Yours” in Barangay eMedia yesterday morning—February 17. Now, the former enlightened the radio listeners and tele-viewers around, that those alleged strange noise, which the folks in Sacol Island heard underneath their surrounding waters, for several times, could be a result of some sink holes down under the island’s waters.

Labayog explained that after those alleged sound rocked the auditory of the Sacol folks, people noticed then that their surrounding waters did also turn suddenly to be murky. And such murky color was also circular in shape. Thus, the theory of Labayog that it could be possible that such was a phenomenon of an underwater sinkhole. Those particular descriptions of the locals seem to fit to an occurrence of sinkholes.

Obviously, when any landform collapses, the subsequent scenario is a loud or a deafening noise. Now, if Labayog’s theory is right, the water’s discoloration on those particular days, when that strange sound was heard, can be a perfect combination to piece together the enigma which literally bedazzled the Sacol folks. Phivolcs objectively confirmed, through their state-of-the-art apparatus, that they never registered any recent earthquake in the City, or in those same days that the locals in Sacol heard the strange noise.

Labayog did even explain further that the capacity of their gadgets, to detect any movement of the ground, can reach to as far as Chile! Thus, it is pretty impossible for their instruments to fail to detect recent tremors, well if there was any, as close in proximity to the island barangays in the East Coast.

Recently, it ain’t just the island folks who were struck for certain concerns on any possible tsunami, as an aftershock of a strong earthquake. Who may not be alarmed, because beyond the island of Sacol is already a limitless open ocean. God forbid for such fortuitous event to happen in the future here.

Phivolcs oriented Barangay eMedia that our City lies in two different faults or trenches in the country, which either of them is capable to produce a sure strong quake. Accordingly, these faults (trenches) are the Sulu fault and the Cotabato fault. FYI: both faults (trenches) are active tectonic plates. To simply put, in these faults (trenches),the earth’s rocks are grinding each other. And if the pressures may become uncontainable, the plates can snap and thus trigger earthquakes.

To parents or those who were already around during the 1976 tsunami, they can attest to how the power of nature unleashed its anger. In fact, such tsunami claimed hundreds of lives, luckily though not here but, in Zamboanga del Sur. Labayog explained that if any tsunami may hit La Bella, the possible height of the waters could be reaching to 10 meters. Such is high as a three story building.

Hence, it is quite imperative for our local government to establish early mitigating measures, for any potential catastrophe in the future. After all, when we may prepare! It sure is: not late as on the time of an actual cataclysm! Tacloban was reduced to rubbles, almost four years ago, when that fateful water-surge invaded the entire “valley” City. The whole world was startled to see the horrible results of the super typhoon Yolanda.

Now, what Tacloban had was only a water-surge. A tsunami is mightier and stronger than the former. Think about it, most of the concentration of people in La Bella are here in downtown, and close to the seashore. If a tsunami, tall as a three-story building, may deluge Zamboanga City, definitely the destruction can be biblical in proportion. Whew! Even these stuffs are only a picture which we can paint in our minds, and not yet the real thing, but we are scared already. Let alone when such phenomenon may happen!

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