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Beneficiaries of the Marcos Wealth?


Partner Kap Fred Atilano went to interview some people, or some a kind of group, which are calling themselves a non-governmental organization (NGO), in Salaan. Allegedly, they engage in an endeavor of recruiting members amongst poor families in the City to become beneficiaries to the Marcos wealth. Such are their open claims and the very reason of their existence. Partner Kap Fred has been a barangay executive, for more or less than 10 years now, so he knows stuffs onto rural movements.

Thus, without adieu, the former and his team proceeded to the said place, to make such necessary investigative efforts. The very concern why Barangay eMedia is really trying to reach this group, is because if things may turn out to be only an actual flop, the pitiful victims who will be stripped here are the poor folks in La Bella. Can you take it, if the same vulnerable group, in our society, are the ones to suffer again?

Promises of thousands, and even millions, of pesosare included in their invitations, which will accordingly be released for the members in pure gratuity by the Marcoses, and of course through this said controversial foundation.In fact, they now have plenty members all over. Now, one of the things with partner Kap Fred wanted to confirm is if such group has also fees, which they may collect upon the membership of any potential person.

In the entire country, we havealreadyheard different sham organizations,who victimized the weak and the susceptible. Such deceitful groups had also used grandiose allures, as to bait the latter. Then, the helpless victims did just know at the end that they had been duped already. Such are the usual modus operandi of some notorious fake groups.

Now, Barangay eMedia really wanted to know the veracity of the claims of this alleged group in Salaan. Partner Kap Fred pounded that he wanted then to ask if the Marcoses are indeed their source. But his follow-up question why the Marcoses are after all silent about it. By all means, they could have come out already to the open and have formally announced such endeavor.Why hide in the shadows?

Another important point of partner Kap Fred: there should be a personality from their group whom the public can freely know everything about any information of their organization. We ought not to forget that things which are at stake or involved here, are the raw trusts of the small people. Life’s difficulties are very real nowadays, so that those who may be offered some inchoate hopes can just so easily buy any glimmer promises—in the expectations, that such can truly help them get a better life.

What if this group is also similar to AMAN or the rest, which had victimized and lamed hundreds of families in the entire Zamboanga Peninsula, particularly Pagadian City, 2-3 years ago? There are many apprehensions which Barangay eMedia would like to establish. Candidly, we do not want that another hundreds of people may again be fooled, especially here in Zamboanga City.

Barangay eMedia is only a couple of kilometers away from Salaan, thus partner Kap Fred was commissioned to find the folks who are propelling this said organization. We ought to be a brother’s keeper, one to the other. Of course, we cannot afford to see our fellowmen being openly stripped, of their things and valuables because of false hopes, before our very own eyes.

In fact, it would even be appropriate if concerned agencies may also check the existence of this particular group. We don’t want that in the end we can be blaming then, one to each other, because another deception had successfully operated and victimized many in our City. Again, we cannot close our eyes. We better give the necessary attentions, early as now than we to regret at the end.

The job of any media-man is multi-faceted. His work is not just solely to report news to the general public, but it also includes the obligations to help the latterto be guarded from any predations. Such is the sacred duty which Barangay eMedia is carefully wanting to fulfill. Thus, now and then, we encourage if you can follow any progress of this story. We promise that we will keep you abreast, of anything about this particular issue.

“And the LORD answered me: ‘Write the vision;make it plain on tablets,so he may run who reads it.For still the vision awaits its appointed time;it hastens to the end—it will not lie.If it seems slow, wait for it;it will surely come; it will not delay.” (Hab. 2:2-3, ESV)

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