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Renamed to be the Task Force South


Partner Richard Falcatan is one of Barangay eMedia’s correspondents in the island of Basilan. He is the station manager of DXNO, Isabela City. Well, when the renowned scalawag policemen, from the NCR, arrived two days ago—February 21, in Isabela City, partner Richard reported the real scenario to Barangay eMedia. His report was a pretty graphic and descriptive one, especially to the radio listeners and tele-viewers of Barangay eMedia, all over.

Accordingly, out of the more than 200 identified scalawags, there were only about 50 of them who responded to the mandate of the President. They landed in La Bella via a Philippine Airforce (PAF) C130 plane. They would have to be accounted for, so their first stopover was in the Western Mindanao Command (WestMinCom), in Upper Calarian.

In no time, they were again ferried straight to Isabela City, through a Philippine Navy (PN) boat. Now, the real deal was when they already stepped to the soil of their determined destination. Everyone knows that they are being demeaned by many Filipinos, including President Duterte himself, because of their alleged involvement to different criminalities, like kidnapping and illegal drugs, in their original assignment.

But not what it seemed, because when they arrived in Isabela City, they were greeted by the Isabeleños warmly like actual war heroes. In fact, according to the description of partner Richard, many Isabeleños went out to the streets and yelled welcome words to the arriving scalawags. They were also readied with a long table of food, as in a banquet type—a boodle fight kind of lunch, by the Isabela Police and the LGUs of Basilan.

They were probably quite hungry, due to their long travel and obvious anxieties, so that they ate well and also drank plenty of water. These same policemen—their very group, are renamed as the TaskForce South. The inference is at least it can help boost their personal morale, for their supposed two solid years of stay in the island. They will be evenly distributed to the rest of the municipalities of the entire province.

Some of them will be assigned to as far as the town of Albarca—the very place where the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) claims their known headquarter, in its thick and forested hinterlands. Admittedly, Basilan is in need of more policemen, so that the present mixed-up of the organization, due to alleged involvement of these police officers to criminalities, such transfer of them has become a blessing in disguise for the island.

Thus, the Basilan folks gave the warmth welcome to the arrival of these scalawags. Notably, a few of them are also from Zamboanga del Sur. One has even a surname Misuari. When partner Richard asked him if he has any relationship to chairman Nur, he reluctantly replied that they are cousins. However, when the former took his camera, to record the latter’s statement, he soon changed his answer—that he is not related to Nur Misuari.

Two amongst the group are ladies. Partner Richard joked that one of them is even pretty and has flawless skin. Obviously, their first weeks in the province will be more of an orientation or familiarization of their new assignment. Duterte challenged them to show their real bravery, not against the helpless civilians but now, against the true lawless ASG.

Expectedly, in few months, or even in short as only weeks, they cannot avoid but to maybe engage, face to face, the dreaded ASG. They have no other choice, because the very Commander-in-Chief is the one who re-commissioned them in the Basilan frontier, which they could have never dreamed of in their previous assignment.

With regards to the remaining number of these scalawag policemen, who did not report to their new duty, according to their official, they will still be given few more days to comply. Else certain administrative charges will be filed then against them. Definitely, the Duterte administration is pretty serious in its intention to purge the organization, of the Philippine National Police (PNP), from all the traces of its former rot.

“A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, and favor is better than silver or gold. The rich and the poor meet together; the LORD is the Maker of them all. The prudent sees danger and hides himself, but the simple go on and suffer for it. The reward for humility and fear of the LORD is riches and honor and life.” (Prov. 22:1-4, ESV)

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