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How degrading!


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GOD wants us to us love one another— even if they’re our enemies. He teaches not to hate, but to love one another. And that’s Divine Love or the Agape Love that transcends everything.

“Love your enemies!Pray for those who persecute you. In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 5: 44-45). Email:



HOW degrading are our law enforcers, nowadays!

IN last Tuesday morning’s regular council session, its august body was discussing diligently the issue of the reported illegal  sand and gravel activities in the city, that’s getting more rampant these days.

WHEN one member in the council proposed that a military or police outpost be established to help check its supposed clandestine operations in their known barangays— specifically cited in Brgy. Culianan, another member stood up, and looked dismayed. “Mas malo ya. Umento na lagay se (That’ll worsen. It’ll add up to more bribes).”

This’s very embarrassing, to note!



TWICE suspended Tagasilay barangay head Anisa Francisco seems like a piranha— so feared by her own peers in their own village.

“Cay baka’ man limas diamon fondo otrabes (She might abscond again our barangay funds),” thus, expressed alarm by its current OIC Brgy. Chieftain, a certain Kgwd Perez.

Ay ke grande berguensa!

THE embattled lady barangay chairman had confessed that she was only aided by the fixers in City Hall to indulge in anomalous transactions using the large amounts of money of its own barangay to come up with allthose ghost projects stumbled by the COA, later on. She was believed assisted, too, by certain contractors whose signatures were found well affixed in the supposed ‘doctored’ documents to help her en-cash the funds from the bank.

ACCORDING to Dist. 1 Councilor Cesar Jimenez, Sr., based on radio reports, there are more similar anomalous transactions going on in a number of our villages here, and they involve millions worth of their barangay funds allegedly lost due to the malversation activities of their own Punong Barangays (Brgy. chairmen).

AT-LEAST, five cases are now pending in the committee on good governance chaired by Councilor Jimenez, Sr., it was gathered.

Ay keber se! Remember, the money they have malversed are ours—taxpayers’ money!

Na,  ansina lang? What’s the delay? We have at-least three lawyer-councilors in the august body, and so, what’re you waiting for? You’re supposed to protect the interest of your constituents, and, therefore, ansina yalang kita ki? De pogi points, pogi points lang? Ay ke malas gat kita, deberas! (By Jun Feliciano)(30)

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