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Busted Thief


Two nights ago, February 22, a notorious thief intruded a house, in Purok 6 Boalan. He still thought that, as the usual, he could take valuables and easily get away from it. But very unfortunate for him, because the owner of his subject house noticed his wrong presence.In the process, the former tried to escape, but again alas for him, because the latter had a gun, and shot him.

Like any escaping bird which is hit by a sure bullet, the former soon fell to ask the mercy of the latter. Well, he could be thinking that the latter might really kill him. This police story contained a little drama though; in fact when Barangay eMedia’s field reporter, partner Jerome Roxas, conveyed such report yesterday afternoon, many tele-viewers and radio listeners’ attentions were also awakened. They something could not know how to respond, whether to show him pity and give him another chance or instead to punish him again.

Anyways, these were few of the notable facts of the story—the said thief is still a minor, a 17-year old; and accordingly, he has been notoriously known in their community as a stealthy young burglar. FYI: he has been coming in and out, from incarceration, because of his records of thievery amongst their neighborhood.

Now, when he intruded this particular house, 2 nights ago, he brought along a knife. Accordingly, one of the sons of the owner of the house saw him. Afraid to the latter’s presence, he yelled to ask help from his parents. The dad woke-up, while the intruding thief tried also to escape by running towards the gate. Albeit, he was already cornered, hence he pulled his knife to threaten the people around.

Maybe, because he still is a minor, he did not consider that such action was very detrimental for him.Little did he know that the owner had actually a licensed firearm; so he was poked with that gun! Scared to death, he ran again. Unfortunate though for him, because the owner fired against twice. The bullets hit him, thankfully, they were not that fatal. The Divisoria Police responded and later helped him; they brought the wounded thief to the hospital.

Here’s the emotional side of the story: when asked by the police why he intruded the house, he replied because the following day was his birthday—his 17th. All he wanted was to have a little money to spend for his birthday. The boy is a total orphan; both of his parents are already dead. He lives with his grandmother, who is tending him as his guardian. But the former is also an invalid, besides that she alreadyvery old. What he took was P700 plus cash and a cellular phone.

PolSci students would often reply, anytime they hear such relative situations, DURA LEX SED LEX. Its literal meaning—the law may be hard to observe or difficult to obey, but it remains the law and must be therefore followed just the same. Thus, he will still be processed by the authorities in the manner which the law is providing, and much that he has already shown a consistent delinquency, for some time now.

The Divisoria Police explained to partner Jerome: the said thief has been coming in and out from the children in conflict with the law’s (CICL) subjection, for several times already. By inference, unless he will indeed be helped professionally, by the DSWD, he could be a sure and a future headache for the society. Experts may already call him as socially sick. The tendency to evolve to be more harmful, in the process, is obviously there.

See, he is only 17, but he already had the actual bravery to intrude a big house, in a midnight where everyone was asleep then; brought a knife and also threatened the people in the house, with that weaponry. His quite convincing excuse was that he did it for his birthday the following day; by all means, such is pretty untenable.

Contentment is a value that he ought to retain, and without any compromise. Much that he is now a total orphan, because by yielding to the temptations of materialism, despite that he has no means, may always push him to commit a crime, and even worse ones in the future. Candidly, there are also many denied young men around, but in fairness they do not allow extreme poverty or hardship to tarnish their character, but they work harder. So they improve. By opinion, what he did was still VERY wrong.

“Do not move an ancient landmark or enter the fields of the fatherless, for their Redeemer is strong; he will plead their cause against you. Apply your heart to instruction and your ear to words of knowledge. Do not withhold discipline from a child; if you strike him with a rod, he will not die. If you strike him with the rod, you will save his soul from Sheol.” (Prov. 23:10-14, ESV)

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