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WE are proud of you, guys!


(Enlightenment —Passage of the DAY)

BEING lazy doesn’t sit well with our Father who’s in heaven. Listen! “If you love sleep, you will end in poverty.” (Proverbs 20: 13)




OF the over 300 police scalawags from the Northern Capital Region(NCR) to be sent here (already here?)—particularly Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi, only more than 50 were slated to arrive to their respective destinations on Wednesday via the military’s C-130 plane.

THE rest, according to a top police source, defied Pres. Duterte’s stern directive for their immediate deployment in Mindanao, supposedly for being rascals.

WHEN interviewed by the press at the Villamor Airbase in Metro Manila, some of them became very emotional for facing their uncertain future here in Southern Philippines—the hotbed of the notorious Kidnap For-Ransom (KFR) groups, like the Abu Sayyafs—apart, from the renowned MNLF and MILF secessionist movements.

DU30, however, assured that their stay in Mindanao will last only up 2 years long. But, this he warns them all, “I’ll send you to Basilan. Live there for 2 years. If you get out alive, you can return here. If you die there, I will tell the police not to spend anything to bring you back here, but just bury you there.”

Ese pa!



The Foundation for the Development of Children (FDOC), Inc. caters to the welfare of the many abandoned children in the city for their possible adoption by their qualified foster parents-to-be.

ITS new President Dr. Vic Liozo, Jr. said this is one noble undertaking to help, as well, in its fund-raising drive for the foundation’s own upkeep.

“WE also accept your kind-hearted donations intended for all these abandoned children under our care,” Dr. Liozo disclosed.

DR. Liozo took over its foundation when electedby its members of the board as its next president to succeed its first president, (Engr.) Efren Arañez due to health reasons.

Henceforth, it drew our mixed feelings—sad, because its founder erstwhile City Mayor Engr. “Noning” Arañezis now retired and we surely are going to miss him a lot. And, happy, because we see in Dr. Liozo as the right person to fill in the void left behind by the inimitable Arañez.

TO both, I can only say, “We’re proud of you, guys!” (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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