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TNHS’ Promenade in Astoria


Hon. Lilibeth “Beth” Nuño-Veloso was in her weekly program, Sisterly Yours, in Barangay eMedia yesterday morning—February 24. Everyone knows that the busy young executive juggles more than a couple of jobs, literally every day. To count some of those “hats” are: she is one of the managers of Metro Stonerich, which means she handles hundreds of workers, she is a wife and a mom, and most of all she is a City Councilor, representing the District 2 of the City.

Well, she discussed many things in her program yesterday. But there was this one she conveyed, which something painted a notable good picture to Barangay eMedia’s listeners and tele-viewers yesterday. She mentioned about the recent Junior and Senior (JS) Promenade of the grades 9 and 10, from the Taluksangay National High School (TNHS) which was held here in downtown, at the Grand Astoria Hotel.

Hon. “Beth” was the keynote speaker of the said event. Accordingly, it was so far the first time in the history of the TNHS, as to conduct their JS prom outside their school, and let alone have it in a big hotel downtown! Hon. “Beth” recounted in Sisterly Yours that both the school and the barangay officials of Taluksangay did plan such JS prom intentionally.

The simple reason: the Taluksangay leaders wanted to expose their kids to the hassle and bustles, and to include also thebest amenities, of their beloved City. Most of these youths can only come to downtown on very rare times. In fact, even on their projects or requirements, which would have to be bought in pueblo, are still usually done by their parents, and not by them.

In fact, most of the world of these kids are just the pristine community of Taluksangay. Now, in few months after March, some of them would really be obliged to frequent the City center, because they will already continue their senior high school education in downtown. And also when they may finish their studies, many of them will practice their profession, outside Taluksangay.

Thestudentry of TNHS is same as the kids of other institutions in the City. Inside their hearts are hidden creativities which should be exposed, so that they can develop to full maturity. We do not have to go really very far, but Hon. “Beth” is one of the best examples of the Sama youths from Talusangay. Who would think that the same SK chairman from Taluksangay many years ago, will also become a very influential new politician in the City?

Zamboangueños will always be proud of Engineer Bong Nuño, the President of Metro Stonerich and the elder brother of Hon. “Beth”. Anytime we go to other big cities, especially in Metro Manila, we always can walk with our heads high, every time we step to certain huge malls, hotels and notables edifices, which are built by the latter.

All over in the Philippines, both the Metro Stonerich and the name Engr. Bong Nuño are already accepted as renowned institutions. Now, the young fellow, Engr. Nuño, came from the humble community of Taluksangay. In like manner, amongst those dozens of TNHS young boys and girls, who attended their JS prom in Astoria, none cannot tell that one day there could also be big names to come out from their group!

We, the grown-ups, do always have the sacred obligation to guide the youths. The future belongs to them. Zamboanga City has recently evolved to be a very competitive metropolis, not just in Mindanao but also, for the entire country. Recently, rumors are circulating in the local business community that more malls may open in the coming months here in La Bella. To add in the long list are also call-center companies. Greater hopes are indeed awaiting ahead for us. Thus, we ought to prepare the next generation. Ain’t it?

“Seek the LORD, all you humble of the land, who do his just commands; seek righteousness; seek humility; perhaps you may be hiddenon the day of the anger of the LORD.” (Zeph. 2:3, ESV)

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