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Corpse Found Floating


The Sangali Police are baffled to this particular corpse, to how it ended floating, and in advance decomposition, with a toilet bowl tied on its hips, in the coast of Manicahan last weekend. The mere inference of the authorities was that the said victimdied in pain, and was also intentionally thrown to the sea. Probably, the broken toilet bowl was tied then to the corpse, so that it can easily submerge down to bottom the body of the crime.

Thus, it can be concealed and maybe also to hide the victim’s identity.When the said corpse was fetched by the police, the latter gave-up their means to get any hint or identifyof the former. The body was already gloating and extremely decomposed, so that all they could do was to bury it right away, at Manicahan Public Cemetery. It was the most which our police could render to the poor victim—toat least give him a decent burial.

Where do you think the person came from? Let’s say that he was indeed summarily executed, but who maybe were the perpetrators? Could he be from any of the neighbor islands around, or was he a fisherman robbed by sea bandits? Questions will continue to be unanswered. Besides, the dead cannot testify anymore.

Thus, this particular crime may again add up to the long list of our local statistics, of the unsolved crimes in La Bella. But think of it, the culprits must be heartless then. The victim was also a human being, who deserves to be respected. Indeed, there are a plenty of evil men in our place, who may be possessed already to some demonic influences, so that they could just easily do such animalistic way of killing people.

For sure, the victim had also his own family. In fact, the latter could be looking for him now. Definitely, his extended absence has already worried his parents, or children and wife—if he was married. We even will be affected if our ordinary pets may be lost, let alone a very loved-one, who is now gone, and has become missing for the relatives’ belief.

But little do the said family knows that the same loved-one is now buried. He also was intentionally killed, thrown to the waters and was deliberately thought to be submerged, so that he could be forgotten forever. Albeit, even the waters of the East Coastdid not accept the victim’s fate, so that the weight of the said toilet bowl, tied to its waist, could not bury him in the corals of the East Coast.

How about justice? If the victim could not get such here in this world, the next life will absolutely not fail him. We do not know the actual past of the man, because he could also be one of the wrong guys, who as well might have committed an error, thus he was gotten even by his supposed companions. Again we cannot tell.

Yet despite, his death was very undeserving for him. Besides, no person has even a single right to kill another, simply because he doesn’t own such life. It is the Creator, who then is the ultimate Judge. We just pray that the same justice we are talking about can be given to the poor and unknown victim.

The victim’s body was already in advance decomposition. There were even those small fishes found to be sucking its body fluids, when the authorities retrieved him from the waters. This again may stop few of our local consumers to buy fish for some time. Anyways, with the pure and high salinity of our oceans, it had then purify any pollution, which the decomposing body emitted to our waters and tothe fishes around.

“The prudent sees danger and hides himself,but the simple go on and suffer for it.Take a man’s garment when he has put up security for a stranger,and hold it in pledge when he puts up security for an adulteress. Whoever blesses his neighbor with a loud voice,rising early in the morning,will be counted as cursing.A continual dripping on a rainy dayand a quarrelsome wife are alike;to restrain her is to restrain the windor to grasp oil in one’s right hand.” (Prov. 27:12-16, ESV)

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