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Go back to barracks!


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)

MOSES lifted his eyes up in the sky, and asked for help from God while in deep trouble, as he led three millions of enslaved Israelites to freedom. The Israelites were under the bondage of Egypt for 400 years ruled by its Pharaohs in their era. And, God heard his prayer. The Lord commanded Moses to strike the rod in his hand unto the waters of the Dead sea that suddenlysplit into two where they were able to cross to the other side of its valley.

WHEN all of them were already safe in their promised lands, the waters came back, and all their enemies chasing them like mad dogs— as they rode on their fast chariots and the others on their own horses, perished under the sea.

“When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him.” (Isaiah 59: 19).


ANOTHER barbaric crime from the notorious Kidnap-For-Ransom(KFR) Abu Sayyafgroup. If true that the extremely radical ASG with supposed links to the ISIS here in Mindanao, that they already slaughtered their 70-year old German hostage JurgenKantner, then this will finally make our tough President Rodrigo Duterterealize that you can’t fight a war withcriminals  known to unleash their fighting tactics like guerillas in their own turfs. This group literally owns their terrains in Sulu and Basilan and even Tawi-Tawi—proverbially, having their own island jungles of no-return.

OUR past presidents in the l940s and l950s, learned their lessons too late, as well. They tried many times to annihilate their known nemesis then, like Cmdrs. Kamlon, Sali and the rest, but ended up sore losers, in the end.

IN our present scenario, dealing with the ASG and the other blood-thirsty brigands in the region, don’t make any difference, at all. No matter how many thousands, and even hundreds of thousands of our AFP troops we pour out there in the jungles in a bid to get rid of them, there’s just nobody who can claim triumphant in a protracted war, like ours—Filipinos fighting their own Filipino brothers. Aren’t we getting tired of fighting one another? How can you wina war, like this?

BUT, here we are— on a highly sensitive issue. The victims here, include the foreigners who have nothing to do with our own senseless and bloody troubles in the South. Theyare, in-fact, the easy targets of these brigands.  At-least five cases of abduction— leading to their KFR modus operandi, have been reported to have transpired near our sea border with Sabah, Malaysia and its environs— to include the backdoors of another neighbor nation of Indonesia in the eastern portion of our Southern Philippines.

SO FAR, in our most recent times, the latest of which happened late last year, the bandit groups— most prominent the ASG, succeeded to make a killing in their highly lucrative KFR activities, from relatives of a number of theforeign hostages they set free. Their next-of-kin couldn’t help but pay a huge amount of ransom money to their captors just buy the freedom of their kidnapped dear ones out of harm’s way.

AS of yesterday, Monday( Feb. 27), the news from those unverified sources, revealed that Kantner was already beheaded, but that the military had yet to confirm this. Earlier Kantner’s kidnappers were asking P 30 million ransom from his relatives, and set Feb. 26 as the deadline. SO, the news came out streaming since late Sunday night, foreshadowing his execution.

THE group last year, beheaded three foreigners for their failures to pay the ransoms they demanded—2 Canadians and a Malaysian. They also decapitated a young Filipino guy for falling short of their demand for ransom. A Swedish hostage, however, was freed by their group early this year. Although, the government claimed there was no ransom payment for his safe recovery, yet sources close to the victim’s kin, confirmed there was, indeed, ransom that was exacted just to secure his freedom, at-last.

THE three foreigners were snatched in the Samal Island, Davao late of 2015. Their lone Filipina companion was released unharmed by the group, earlier, with no ransom consideration, according to a military source

ON the grisly abduction of the German couple near the sea border of Sabah in Nov. 5 of last year, the KFR bandits shot dead Kantner’s wife Merz, after raping her inside the couple’s cruising yacht. Then, seized brought Kantner with them, and reportedly held him captive in the Sulu hinterlands.

THEREFORE, what’s the best solution to ultimately put an end to this madness?

ONE top old warrior here in the region, hinted, “Why don’t you leave us alone. Go back to your barracks, and allow us to arm ourselves. In this manner, the playing field is well on its even level.

That makes sense. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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