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Can they win their battles vs. media?


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DIST. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat will observe his 69th birthday on March 20.

A Lobregat diehard said there’ll be a blood-letting event at the ZC Red Cross center in Pettit Barracks either on March 18 or on March 19, to help mark another milestone in the life of our city solon representing the first congressional district of ZC.

DURING her weekly regular CH news briefing, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, when asked by the press, what could be her surprise gift, if any, to her former political mentor on his upcoming birthday bash, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar just smiled, and briefly replied, “I wish him happy birthday.” When egged on to add more, she blushed with a sheepish grin, but no words came out from her, any further.

“Bien claro ya bosing, man banga-an ya gayot stos dos na 2019.” Talla ya tamen el intrigero. Ebos gayot Bogs!

“What more is there to doubt?” aba c Ador taman ingles, ingles gayot. Otrobos!

“Hinde basos man pariente lang? Baca’ taman drama lang sila canaton,” aba c Nado, ta aprende man intriga tamen.

Tallaya tamen el tres!



MS. Apple Go, the city’s first lady City Administrator, confirmed that she blottered her complaint against one local TV station  for supposedly interviewing her with a hidden camera.

IN last Monday’s CH press-con, Ms. Go disputed the allegation that she’s at odds with the local media, here.

“Except with E-media,” she quickly added.

Ese pa!

IT was learned from E-media insiders that they’re also poised to file libel suit formoral damages against her.

Ese pa!

NOT to be outdone, Ms. Go said she’s right now preparing her case versus the said media outfit. She promised she’ll furnish this corner certain documents showing the supposed glaring violations incurred by the said TV station in its current business operations.

THIS is going to be a war! Just like what US President Donald Trump is having right now with the US media. Even our President Du30 has his own fallout with our own media, here.

BUT, I ask, “Can they win the battle they wage versus the media sector?”

BEAR in mind, the media is ourFourth Estate in the society.

That’s the problem. But, there’s no harm in trying, right?

SO, therefore— to borrow Michael Buffer’s famous ring battle-cry, “Let’s get ready to rumbleee!”

“Alli mira kita,” c Bogs ta asayta pa. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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