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Simariki, an island to watch for (concluding part)


“O mankind! Eat of that which is lawful (Halal) and good (Tayyiban) in the earth, and follow not the footstep of the devil. Lo! He is an open enemy for you,”—Holy Qur’an, 2:168

“Since the last century, Muslims have been receiving many food products containing alcohol, pork, and ingredients that are Haram,”—Dr. Ahmad Sakr., UNDERSTANDING HALAL FOOD: THE MYTHS AND REALITIES


Everything is halal in Islam unless restrained by the Holy Qur’an or Hadith to be haram (unlawful). Changing halal to haram and vice versa is a matter of Shirk, according to Dr. Ahmad Sakr whose statement just quoted above.

Moreover, haram is haram and cannot be made halal, while “halal” for some unforeseen reasons can be made haram! All Muslims must know this, or do the Muslims really know this? With the exception of those who are learned in Islam, the rest of the ummah are mired in uncertainty whether the food they consumed day-in and day-out is really lawful (halal) for them.


It was on the last day of the year (December 29, 2016) NCMF invited many Muslim leaders and stakeholders to a symposium/seminar on topic: Halal Awareness.

The gathering was indeed enlightening, but many of the Muslims who attended pondered deeply on the following:

- What is going on, why the topic “Halal” is now a popular commodity?

- Why Halal is now becoming an industry? Is Islam sold to the highest bidder, world-wide?

- Is there a world-wide conspiracy to downgrade Islam to a business enterprise to become the “laughing stock” of other faith traditions?

- We were told, that billions of dollars will the Philippine businesses earned in the business of halal! How about the earnings, will the Muslims of the Philippines get a share in the process? How?

Food For Thought for the Bida’a advocates. This is the moment of your glory to denounce/join in the fray.



This is a Halal Ordinance to be discussed in our City Council. But before that, a public hearing was called on February 15, 2017 at 9AM to be held at the Session Hall, Sangguniang Panlungsod, this city, but was called off without informing us (Hon. Tungkuh B. Hanapi, Hji. Amilpasa Bandaying and this writer)

We were invited to be among the resource persons for the Public Hearing.

May be its about time that I decide to skip off this hearing?




An application for use of land for fishery purposes/seaweeds purposes was filed by Hji Raisa Quraiz Omar in the early 90’s of amount 30 hectares and was approved by BFAR/C.A.

Since Simariki was technically considered to be part of Talon-Talon, its residents voted in Talon-Talon, although most of them studied in Tana-Tana (old name of Rio Hondo) since then the area during low tide was easy to cross.

During the 1970’s when Barter Trade was at its peak, Simariki was a crucial point where traders would rest and boats would seek shelter from rough seas. Thus from this point economic activity were focused on three major areas: aquaculture and seaweeds farming, shipping (smuggling and or transportation of goods from islands to Zamboanga City proper and vice versa) and supplying raw materials to the Zamboanga mainland.

Entry of outsiders by virtue of intermarriages with Sama tribes from other areas was allowed in 1990 on condition that they follow customary laws and adapt of Simariki community.

The fifth period (recent) began with the Zamboanga siege wherein the residence were forcibly evacuated by authorities due to MNLF Siege and of which the community members are slowly recovering after their houses and livelihoods were burned to the ground as a result of the siege.

Currently the people of Simariki have managed to slowly rebuild their lives through partners who have continued to support the rebuilding of the community of Simariki.


Bottomline dated January 31, 2017 has some “unpardonable” errors. Mea culpa! My handwriting is just a torture to my assistant/encoder for sometimes he gets confused with the stokes of my writing, hence, the errors seeped in to some extent.

Here are some: “holyday on to their legacy” should have been “holding on…” “Jirel” should have been “Jibril” for the Angel Gabriel and “write” the brief history should be “wrote”. What a messed? The writer should be whipped with 20 lashes of “alingatung” branch and made to stand on the colony of African ants! That’s better for him.  (By Prof. Ali T. Yacub)###

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