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ZC’s future politics looks very bright


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GOD warns us not to make our own righteousness— and by doing so, we set aside God’s righteousness. “How in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. (Mark 7: 7). Email:

IT’S “Rabies Awareness Month” runs the whole period of March.

IN this connection, our City Veterinarian Office headed by Dr. Mario Arriola, in close coordination with the Department of Agriculture( DA) and the City Health Office (CHO), held its press-con on Tuesday morning( Feb. 28) at the lobby of Grand Astoria Hotel on Sucabon St. (downtown section. The event kickedoff its awareness campaign activity in the city and its environs.

WITH its Theme for this year, “Ilagay Doa Pabakunah”, its press briefing had the following resource speakers: Dr. Rosanna Arquiza from CHO; Dr. Marie France Que- Jalao(DA); Dr. Sitti Nurusamsi

Amilasan. and Dr. Arriola himself.

IT’s sad to note, though, that of the total 98 barangays we have in the city, Dr. Arriola discovered that only 10 barangays are complying with their dog-catching activities as prescribed under our existing ordinance to contain the rabies in their respective neighborhoods.

SOUGHT by the press to comment on its much-ballyhooed thrust for a Zero-rabies case target by 2020, Dr. Arriola appeared more skeptical now than a year ago. He seemed to underscore that if only everybody supports and cooperates, its Zero-rabies campaign by then, will be achieved.

AFTER every news conference he’s in, DR. Arriola and me rib in a corner, and he usually remarks, “Este gayot c kayu’.” That’s how we share our both light banter after every new briefing that involves him as our City Veterinarian official.


ONE thing they like him most is that he’ll never turn down any invitation extended him, or any appointment that his presence is needed out there.

REGARDLESS, who they’re, or whatever sector they belong, former City Councilor Roel “Elong” Bernardo Natividad from the 2nd district is always in their midst— in his playful mood, as usual.

WHETHER in defeat or in triumph, “Elong,” that’s his popular sounding name with our local masses, takes in stride every step in his life— to include those hard times when deeply troubled by a series of strange events, as when suddenly struck by not just one fire but two separate fire incidents that razed his two precious possessions. One ownedbyhisever beauteous wife Alma- a dress shop along Veterans Ave. and his very own modest house on Don Alfaro, Tetuan just a couple of years, past.

NOW, Elong is back with a vengeance. While he was elected no. 1 in the 2013 local polls in the 2nd district, Elong unduly fell back in the next political exercise—that was last year’s (2016) local elections. He landed number 9.

“That means there was this “tekas” (not the “picos”) machines doing the dirty tricks on us, prim,” Elong griped the other day. WASN’T the same “tekas,”.. no, I mean  “picos” working its  hocus-pocus, too, on another all-time alderman great Jimmy Cabato in the 2010 polls here, as well? Poor Jimmy, he too, surprisingly, landed no. 9 in that very particular council race for Dist. 1. Jimmy protested his case with Comelec, but to no avail. Its genuine documents, according him, showed he truly didn’t lose in that elections, but was cheated, instead. “By who, Jim?”He snapped, “No, need to tell you Junior. Manada sabe yan tekas kanaton.”

Ese pa!

BUT, Elong and Jimmy, I bet, will certainly relive their glorious past in our city’s future politics.

I CAN foresee the duo leading the pack once again in any political race in mi ciudad. So, Good Luck to both primos!

WITH such a good omen in the offing, it looks like ZC is headed towards a bright future in politics, once again.

SO, let’s not lose hope, at all. Time heals the wounds of our wretched past. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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