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Malacañang calls up, inquiring Bayot case


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KNOCK on wood!

Let’s hope and pray it won’t happen.

LET me brief you what’ll happen to our exceptionally unorthodox Councilor Rudy Bayot.

In case Malacañang in the South, that’s Davao City-is dead serious to tackle a supposed criminal complaint filed against Bayot in connection with last year’s highly publicized “flag-throwing” incident while in regular session, then respondent (Bayot), if found guilty, has to serve as long as six years in jail for a supposed folly on his part, it was learned from a legal source.

ABOUT a week ago, Duterte’s spokesperson from Malacañang (of the South), called up the city’s Sangguniang Panlungsod— inquiring what action did it take to sanction Councilor Bayot for his supposed uncalled-for-actuation in the council.

A female staff of the city vice mayor’s office received the call. In their discourse, the caller asked the party of our vice mayor (CesarI turralde). When learnedboth (Bayot and Iturralde) belong to LP, the presidential aide declined to talk to VM Itu’. Instead, he was referred to the office of the council secretary, downstairs. Bear in mind, Pres. Duterte is the titular head of PDP/Laban, now the country’s most dominant political party.

WHEN sought for his comment, VM Iturralde confirmed such call.


“Yes, we received their call. As far as the council is concerned, we already meted the administrative sanction on Councilor Bayot. And that was a Reprimand as provided for under our house edict. But, as to its criminal aspect, it’s no longer within our scope,” VM Iturralde clarified.

POLITICAL analysts here are wary of the soaring number of our fallen councilors, at present.

FIRST to fall was (dismissed) Councilor Ismael Musa who was sacked as the local IP sector representative for his supposed political inclination when the IP sector is apolitical under its strict rules; then, followed by the alleged malversation raps filed against neophyte Dist. 2TeodyverArquizawho has been meted with three successive 90-day suspensions by our local courts. Arquiza’s case stemed while then the barangay captain of Talon-Talon.

ONthe waiting list for possible expulsion from the council, is (Dist. 1) Councilor Charlie Mariano. Mariano is fighting for dear life to remain in the august body, amid reports that his pending case in the Comelec en-banc was recently ruled against him.

Recall, at-least five city councilors had filed before the Comelec a disqualification case to run for city councilor (in the last May 2016 polls)versus Mariano for supposedly having been convictedby the High Tribunal—for allegedly issuing bouncing checks, in the past.

BUT, Mariano is fighting back. He said only the Supreme Court can remove him from public office, and not Comelec.


“Tiene pa lli Jun, ay man a’rinkin.”

Ese pa!

Who’s next, then?

“Dos na yellow y unu pa na colorao (2 from the yellow team and 1 more from the Red camp) Jun,” this toppolitical aficionado  disclosed.

Therefore, let’s see what’ll happen next, guys.(By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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