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The influential Evangelista family had recently lent part of their private property in Sta. Catalina for Police Station (PS) 11, so that vehicles which PS 11 may arrest for violations can have somewhere to be impounded, pending any legal processes or even litigations. This information was confirmed then by no less than the PS 11 station commander, PSupt. Ariel T. Huesca, to Barangay eMedia last Friday morning—March 3.

If you’ve been recently to PS 11, and you have the chance to peep at its back, there you can find the tens, or even hundreds, of single motorcycles, as impounded by the authorities. Admittedly, it has been the worries of the police to where they may place incoming vehicles, which they can apprehend in the process.

Thankfully, Zamboanga City does not run out of good folks. Few of these locals we have are then the Evangelistas in Sta. Catalina. Obviously, it is a complete advantage then for PS 11, simply because this said lent private property is only a drive-away from the City—it ain’t that far, and such is also completely accessible both to the police and any claiming owners of impounded vehicles.

Traffic violators are everywhere in Zamboanga City. In fact, when any simple police patrol is endeavored, especially at nighttime, it won’t be an error to estimate that police can soon apprehend at least a dozen of unregistered single motorcycles everywhere. You know how violators are, they are also wittier than the policemen.

They can easily evade any posting patrols, or even the LTO operatives. Nonetheless, there are those who can’t anymore avoid apprehensions, these are the guys whose vehicles are the ones either given tickets or indeed impounded amongst police stations, so much so thattheir overflowing number are already pretty undeniable.

In fact, their situation has evolved to have become an open headache, not just in PS 11 but, in most police stations all over. That due as well because of the phenomenal increase of private vehicles in La Bella. But policemen do only apprehend traffic violators, particularly those which are unregistered.

The authorities have also their limitations. They do not run after the law-abiding citizens. Thus, it is imperative to all of our local motorists to comply the necessary requirements, so that they cannot have problems in the road. Meanwhile, there is this another notable problem we have in the City, our narrow roads.

Accordingly, a new traffic scheme will be meted in the stretch of the San Jose Road and in RT Lim Boulevard on March 15. There shall be one way traffic routes in these places. It has already been announced for almost a month now. With regards to the locals and motorists in these same places, they are already beginning to complain, for the expected inconveniences.

For example, one lawyer said that in as far as their barangay is concerned, they were not inquired, as something even of a simple public hearing. One of his complains is, after March 15, in order for their accessibility, they may either pass the long way through RT Lim Boulevard or in Canelar. Well, it will gonna be 10 days from now.

Definitely, such new traffic scheme may cause another confusion in our roads. But how about the traffic congestions? Going back to the above lawyer, he pointed that the obvious traffic problem in San Jose are mostly contributed by the parking of many vehicles everywhere, and that not to mention also the undisciplined attitude of the Baliwan jeepney drivers, who will just stop anytime in the middle of the road to load and unload passengers.

“My son, be attentive to my wisdom; incline your ear to my understanding, that you may keep discretion, and your lips may guard knowledge. For the lips of a forbidden woman drip honey, and her speech is smoother than oil, but in the end she is bitter as wormwood,sharp as a two-edged sword.” (Prov. 5:1-4, ESV)

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