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The Culprit is the Step-father


This is another horrifying news, which Barangay eMedia was able to gather within the weekend. A step-dad was complained against by her step-daughter, for rape. But the form of rape is sexual assault. The victim is only 12 years old, and the alleged rape happened last year yet. But the warrant of arrest was just served then, against the accused, only last week.

Barangay eMedia paid a visit to the accused in his cell. The man cried before the camera of our field reporter, partner Joseph Zosobrado. He pleaded to his step-daughter to only tell the truth, and never to lie, by implicating him with her own artifices. With regards to his common-law wife, the latter is even helping him to belie the allegations. She could be loving more her common-law husband than her daughter, who is her very own blood.

Accordingly, the accused was given a bail of P200k. But he cannot leave the prison, because he has no money, not even much as P50k, to guarantee his temporary liberty. The girl-victim is now in the custody of the DSWD, and is presently undergoing counseling and special attention of the agency’s experts.

What’sup with our populace recently? It seems that every week, cases of rape do just pop, here and there. It could be that rape victims are now gaining the necessary courage to go out and never anymore hesitate tocomplain their very offenders. Like this particular case, the crime was committed, last year yet. But the consequential arrest did only take place last weekend.

Although, the accused is only a step-father, but the law is very clear or rather explicit—the man is deemed to have the critical moral ascendancy to the victim. If such crime may be proven then, in court, his relationship to the victim can become a sure aggravating circumstance. Thus, he may suffer more. But as of now, he is still presumed to be innocent, in the eyes of the law, unless proven beyond reasonable doubt.

The identity of the victim cannot be disclosed because she is a minor, and even ordinary as the place or address of the accused, Barangay eMedia cannot mention them on the air or in this space. The simple rationale, of the unique situation, is because the victim ought to be protected, by all means. She had been subjected already to definite injuries, now she cannot become an open spectacle to the public.

It is how Barangay eMedia presents any delicate news, when it involves minors. Our field reporters do exactly know the drill and the necessary protocol. We ought to help protect the fragile lives of any young victims. We must understand the kind of unnecessary ordeal which they go through. And not to mention the humiliation. Such is not supposed to be their world. Studies and playing outside with their friends is their deserving stage.

But with regards to this young victim, everything went to crumble, when that fateful evening destroyed her life. Thus, it was her innocent reason why she is very much willing to complain then her own step-father. Maybe one of the reasons why her mother chose to protect the accused, and her own daughter is because of their economic survival.

Barangay eMedia did also go to see the situation of their own home. They just live in a very humble nipa hut. They do not have much comforts in life. In fact, it could be that poverty was also one of the circumstantial reasons, why the man changed to become like an animal to prey on his, almost, own daughter. There can be no other description, to such a situation of incest, but an animal-like act. After all, no normal human being can do such to a young girl, and let alone against one’s very own daughter.

“They did not thirst when he led them through the deserts;he made water flow for them from the rock;he split the rock and the water gushed out. ‘There is no peace,’ says the Lord, ‘for the wicked.’” (Isa. 48:21-22, ESV)

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