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Defiant Bayot


City Councilor Rodolfo Bayot steps up to a higher level of controversy. Yesterday, he was reported to have “defied” a city hall order to remove a marker along the Lunzuran Highway, which he had unilaterally established, indicating the spot where the body of 20-year old murder victim Erica Jean Rosal was found.

“If they can show me the court order, then I will remove it,” Bayot said.

Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco Salazar herself asked Bayot to remove the marker due to complaints aired by residents. The call also fell to deaf ears.

Bayot leans on a resolution adopted in City Council, calling on the Mayor to set up the marker on the road. Reportedly, it came after the marker was put in place, and not by the Mayor. Bayot himself laid it instead, which prompted the DPWH write a letter saying the area where the marker was set up is still part of the road.

Bayot did move the marker to the side of the road but remains unbending against removing the sign.

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Putik Barangay Kagawad, Edgardo Rosagaron shows the way and is worthy of commendation, as he executed a citizen’s arrest of four young men, including two minors, who were caught in the act of having a shabu session in the interior portion of Sto Niño, Caputatan, Putik last Thursday.

Rosagaron himself hauled the four men off to the Divisoria Police Station.

Meanwhile, personnel-strapped, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) agents under Dir, III Lyndon Aspacio, not to be outdone in a buy-bust operation also last Thursday afternoon, arrested one Bienvenido Covarrubias Jalon, Jr., 43, single of PC Compound, Zone I,

His name sounds familiar to WS, as it appears to be a namesake of a retired-friend of Justice Hall. Looks like he is the son of that friend who authored the Teng’s Commandments among buddies.

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Abductors of a 62-year-old man and his wife showed no fear of the Duterte name, as they snatched the couple in Siocon, Zamboanga del Norte, on Friday evening. Numbering seven, the kidnappers swooped down on Sitio Tabuk, Barangay Santa Maria and snatched the pair, Jose, and Jessica, 52, surnamed Duterte.

It was not immediately known if Jose has links to the President.

The Dutertes are engaged in copra production.

The armed men were clad in Police uniforms and wore masks. They fled with the victims aboard a white speed boat to an undetermined direction.

Search-and-rescue operations are ongoing.

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Only 320 of 946 slots in the government’s Doctor to the Barrios program were filled in 2015 and 2016, yet one of them was mercilessly gunned down.

He was Dr. Dreyfuss “Toto” Perlas of Sapad municipality, Lanao del Norte, a poor municipality He is said to be a popular and well-loved doctor.

In another angle, the unfilled Doctor to the Barrios slots, Newly installed Senate Pro-tempore led calls in the senate to make the program’s incentives more attractive to lure more physicians to rural practice.

Because one DTTB physician is assigned per town, the implication therefore is that 626 low-income municipalities, and millions of their residents, were deprived of medical services for lack of takers, Recto said.

Recto noted that despite aggressive recruitment by the DoH, there were only a few takers for what is seen as a hardship post that pays P56,000 a month.

But here is another twist in the killing of the famed doctor, one that boggles he mind of this corner (WS). Please read on and watch its seeming connotation.

Sen. Risa Honteveros, for her part, said Dr. Perlas was the latest victim of the culture of killing and impunity that has engulfed the country.

.She went on, “The current climate of violence under the Duterte government poses a serious threat to the people’s access to public health, and a mortal danger to the lives of health workers. We cannot allow this climate to continue unchanged,” Hontiveros said.

Ha! If Hontiveros links the doctor’s murder to the Duterte administration, she could be defaming the memory of Dr. Perlas. The supposed Duterte culture of killing is targeted on illegal drugs offenders. If she does not mean that as connoted, she is carelessly inferring the already slain doctor was into drugs and was shot because of that. She should clarify her position, lest that is her point.

Mil beses de bueno si Recto (Recto is a thousand fold better). He took prominence of the Perlas misfortune on a bright note, and with better sense, centering on the lack of DTTB takers.

Hontiversos’ took on negative tone, and even shrouded with mystery the yet undetermined cause of the Perlas killing.

Culture of violence? Oh, shucks! Too far-fetched. That only denigrates the name of a man who took to the barrios to attend to the under-privileged.  What say you?

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Palace assured that police who are taking advantage of the country’s war against illegal drugs will pay for their misdeeds. Presidential Spokesperson Ernesto Abella reiterated Palace’s earlier stand that the government does not condone such acts and assured appropriate actions will be taken.

Earlier, Pres. Duterte stripped the Philippine National Police (PNP of the responsibility to enforce drug laws to undergo cleansing when some officers were tagged in the killing of South Korean businessman Jee Ick Joo.

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President Duterte is not setting conditions for the resumption of the peace talks with the local communists, Presidential Peace Adviser Jesus Dureza said yesterday.

Dureza explained that these are just Duterte’s wishes and it does not mean that he was setting preconditions for the resumption of the peace talks.

After going over that Dureza elucidation, WS browsed to what Duterte did really on the matter. And here’s a portion of our item on it yesterday. “Duterte said his plans for peace negotiations with the NPA would include three requests (bold italics supplied) for the rebel group - the release of hostages, the halt to revolutionary taxes, as well as asking of favors.”

Dureza is correct. Yes, the term Duterte used was indeed “requests”  (bold italics supplied) and not conditions.

The President also said that he will not resume the peace talks unless there are compelling reasons that would affect the interest of the Filipino people.

Dureza said the President’s wishes could well provide the so-called compelling reasons that would trigger the resumption of the peace negotiations.

The Palace had earlier revealed the four “compelling reasons” which may result in the resumption of peace talks. These include the cessation of the so-called “revolutionary tax,” ambushes on military personnel, burning of property, and provocative and hostile actions.

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The camp of detained Sen. Leila de Lima is not about ready to raise the red flag, vowing to fight the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) bid to bring all three drug cases against her under the judge who had ordered her arrest, saying the prosecution seemed to be “fishing” for what would best serve its interest.

Alex Padilla, one of De Lima’s lawyers, told the Inquirer on Saturday that the legal team would file a written opposition to the DOJ’s consolidation plea filed before the Muntinlupa City Regional Trial Court (RTC) on Friday.

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Here are two seeming statements of China that baffle one’s mind. First, it says, China will always resort to dialogues to peacefully resolve territorial disputes, particularly in the South China Sea.

Next it says, China will raise defense spending “around 7 percent” this year as it guards against “outside meddling” in its disputed regional territorial claims, a top official said Saturday, in an apparent reference to Washington.

My, that’s gearing up for war. Say you? (By Jimmy Cabato)

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