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How in the World, They Hacked Each Other to Death


Any uncontrollable anger is always detrimental to the very person who harbors it. Here is a criminal story which was recorded in Culianan Police Station last Tuesday—March 7. Two brothers-in-law hacked each other in a duel, the one was wounded in his arms, while the other was not so fortunate that he died.

According to the police investigation, the root of their fight was when one of the in-laws cut the un-ripened jackfruit of the other, causing an extreme aggravation of the second man—which pushed him to challenge his brother-in-law to fight. Both are farmers and they have individual farming bolos. Such same farming tools, they used to harm each other. A useless anger, ain’t it!

Two family members engaged in a mortal combat, just because a single fruit was untimely or mistakenly harvested by one of the in-laws! They could have retreated, both of them, and allowed their emotions to settle, then to later talk again. Nonetheless, they rather opted to show off their shameful “MANLY” behavior, thus ending the instantaneous death of one of them, while the other is now in prison. The man’s possible crime can either be homicide or, worse, murder.

Baranggay eMedia thinks if what to happen now to the wives of the men, in the process, because they lost two fathers? The ones to suffer more are the smaller children. How much do you think is an un-ripened jackfruit? In all honesty, if we can only turn back time, we could have paid such jackfruit, and tell the angry in-laws not to anymore attack each other brother, so that the dead one could still be alive today, and the other not inside the prison.

These are few of the realities we have to face squarely in our society. We always have countless of folks who cannot control their anger, and they only can realize the weight of the importance of patience, once something fatal have already happened. The acts of the two brothers-in-law can only be simply explained, or understood, as a plain FOOLISHNESS. Let’s always remember, in any crime, the actor cannot anymore undo his criminal acts.

So that, he will have to face the necessary consequences before him. Probably, what you also see now are the pitiful eyes of the small children of the victim and of the killer himself. In the absence of the fathers, how the wives may grow, take care, and, more of all, provide for their children. Life is hard nowadays, the brothers-in-law should have controlled their anger, as not to expose their families to unnecessary difficulties.

Another thing, how the two families may deal the situation then? Hope they will not anymore continue the foolish fight of the useless men. We wish that the wives will be more reasonable than their husbands. After all, the incident was already done, they cannot anymore turn the time backwards, so that the most that they can do now, is to see forward and let go of their past. Else if they may buy the useless animosity, an expected curse can surely divide their family forever.

The bolo duel took place in Salaan, but the killer surrendered in Ayala Police Station. At least, the former yielded to the authorities. His contrition may become a mitigating circumstance for his penalty. Of course, in the process there shall be the necessary trial. The proper criminal case must be filed at the prosecutor’s office, then the litigation will have happen yet, before a final judgment can be meted against the accused.

It means that at the moment, the killer will stay at the City Jail, well unless if he can raise up the money for the bail. The long headaches will be a sure expensive one to the family of the offender. Their loss may also absolutely be coupled with big expenditures. Now, the real problem then, is both families are only ordinary farmers. They do not have much in life.

The morals of the story are forgiveness, patience and harmony amongst families. Baranggay eMedia would like to address this line, especially to fathers, never succumb to uncontrollable anger. Stay patient and reasonable always. Pride is useless when crime is its opposite, to immediately occur after it is foolishly expressed.

“Does not wisdom call? Does not understanding raise her voice? On the heights beside the way, at the crossroads she takes her stand; beside the gates in front of the town, at the entrance of the portals she cries aloud: ‘To you, O men, I call, and my cry is to the children of man. O simple ones, learn prudence; O fools, learn sense.’” (Prov. 8:1-5, ESV)

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