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Maimed Kap Dide vows to fight drugs


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TO help the youth shun from drugs, Brgy. Ayala under Kap Dide Librero, has organized a basketball league among the different barangays in the west-coast.

NOW ongoing, the league dubbed,”Inter-Barangay Basketball” (IBB) tournament kicked off last Saturday morning(March 4) with simple rites held at the Ayala gym.

ITS guest-of- honor was former Councilor Roel “Elong” Natividad from the 2nd district who remains as BAP regional chairman in Region IX.

THE four-month long tourney has lured 8 participating teams to play in their round-robin game competition for the Senior bracket, while 10 other participating teams will vie for the Master’s.

Notwithstanding his being handicapped, Kap Librero is determined to curb the drug menace in his barangay, and in its various adjoining villages in the west-coast.

“That’s why this inter-barangay tournament will involve the various barangays in the west-coast, starting from Sinunuc up to Labuan,” Kap Dide (as he’s simply addressed) disclosed to this corner who graced its opening game pitted between two top promising teams: DLZ (from Brgy. Ayala) vs. San Ramon( fromBrgy. Talisayan).


RECALL, Kap Dide was badly injured in a grenade-throwing incident that occurred  back in 2010 in Ayala.

HE was having an evening meeting with his kagawad bets for the barangay polls that period right in his house amid heavy downpour— knocking off the lights in the entire Ayala neighborhood, when two powerful hand grenades went off right in their midst. Two kagawad bets were killed on the spot while scores, including him, were critically wounded.

KAP Librero survived, but lost his both eyes and feet in the bloody carnage.

UP to now, Kap Dide said he couldn’t figure out who were behind the cowardly act that maimed him for life, and killed his 2 barangay council bets during that fateful night.

“I’m now resigned to my fate. My trust remains in God. If this is what God wants me to spend the rest of my life, so be it,” declared Kap Dide who’s said to have no known enemies, at all.

“Desde antes, ta pella gayot c Kap Dide contra droga na amon barangay. Ese siguru el rason c porke ya susede se incidente (grenade bomb-attack),” one of his barangay  aides, who opted anonymity, revealed.

KAP Dide invites everyone to the newly-opened Inter-Barangay basketball tournament that reels off every Saturday and Sunday with the Ayala gymnasium as its official venue. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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