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Barangay eMedia’s 1st Quarter Caravan


Barangay eMedia officially started its first broadcast exactly on the 1st day of the siege of Zamboanga City, last 2013. And it is now almost 4 years. Days are that fast, indeed! Now, it has been the tradition of the company to return the same blessings to the public, every determined dates by the management, like last Friday—March 10.

The entire force of Barangay eMedia had conducted its first medical, dental and holistic outreach at the Pasonanca National High School (PNHS). The first team had arrived in the said institution really very early. PNHS is the newest public school in La Bella, and its existence is also similar to Barangay eMedia, about to be 4 years as well. With the introduction of the senior high in the entire country and the increasing number of students in the City, it is pretty imperative for La Bella to open more schools, which can be accessible then to our youths. Thus, the creation of PNHS.

The weather last Friday was quite damp. But the rains did not stop our sponsors and partners to serve the folks of the PNHS. Such is the very essence of literal public service—often to dirty your hands, drench yourself with the elements and to cause priceless smiles to the people. The PNHS received our team warmly.

Doctors and nurses, who joined the outreach, would have to wear their jackets because of the intermittent rains then. And you know Pasonanca, because it is an elevated community, the temperature is a bit colder than in downtown, and that to include also the chances of rains, again as compared to the rest of the low-lying barangays in the City.

Soldiers sustained the weather by doing the haircuts bit faster amongst the studentry. Yet of course, as usual, they always have done their jobs with perfection. The happiness of our teachers, students and everyone in PNHS was obviously tangible, in the entire outreach. The team of the eMedioke Mo joined also the group. In fact, despite of the busy schedules, partner GIL Climaco did even drop at the outreach, just to be able to serve in a couple of hours and as well render few songs to the crowd.

The outreach was a complete package. It also included entertainment. Now, there were those, residents from Pasonanca, who expressed their gratitude personally to partner Rey Bayona Bayoging (RBB), the President of Barangay eMedia, because according to them, they noticed that the signal of the station, particularly the FM band, is now stronger than in the past months.

The thing is, Barangay eMedia has just againupgraded more some of its equipment. Thus, the stronger signal which is apparently felt now by the listening public. One time, an avid fan of Barangay eMedia was in Sibugay, due to his work. His name is Ralph Andrei Sufficiencia, of the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA). He called one early morning, telling us that he was surprised that the signal of Barangay eMedia FM has reached as far as Malangas, Sibugay Province. Whew!

Most of the Basilan Province is now also reached by the signal of Barangay eMedia FM. We just want to serve our people better. The public deserves to know the accurate and real time news. With the capabilities of modern technology, everything is now possible. There is always a perfect timing to everything.

The recent acquisition of newer technology and gadgets by Barangay eMedia is pretty timely. We acknowledge that these blessings are come from the Father. The Zamboangueño people are hungrier to know the latest news of their City, and this to include even other Zamboangueños who are now either overseas or in other places of the country. Mostly, they draw their news of their beloved City, from our online broadcast.

Real time news is the modern Holy Grail of any news conveyance everywhere. With the advent of modern technology, the people desire more the very latest and freshest news, so much so that if they can possibly tap for the actual and live footages of any event. We are humbly honored, by the grace of God, that for limitless of situations BaranggayeMedia leads in such endeavor for almost 4 years now. To God be the glory.

We would also like to thank the following PARTNERS: AlberieAdverstising Corp., Councilor LilibethNuño, Zamboanga City Health Office, Ciudad Medical Zamboanga Hospital, Zamboanga City Dental Chapter—headed by Dr. Annabelle F. Bayot, its Chapter President, Task Force Zamboanga, Phil. Pharmacist Association—Zamboanga Chapter, Welmar Marketing/Southern Mindanao Enterprises, and Barangay Pasonanca and KapEpijenio Julian, Jr.

Of course our great appreciation as well to the following SPONSORS: Joan’s Pharmacy, JELMA Phils.—White Flower Liniment, Energen Cereal Drink, Kopiko Blanca, Kopiko Brown, Kopiko Astig, Kopiko 78 Degrees, Jammy Sardines, Nature’s Spring, UNILAB, MX3, Max’s Restaurant, and Megasoft Hygienic Products, Inc. (Sister Sanitary Pad and Panty Liner, Lampein Baby Diaper, Twins Baby Diaper, Cherub Cologne and Powder, Grand Adult Diaper).

“Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country. Like pa muddied spring or a polluted fountain is a righteous man who gives way before the wicked. It is not good to eat much honey, nor is it glorious to seek one’s own glory. A man without self-control is like ta city broken into and left without walls.”(Prov. 25:25-28, ESV)

Partners! For more news and their details please check us out in e105.9 FM band or watch us in channels 37 local, 54 in Sky Cable and 98 in Mindanao Cable. You as well can access our tele-broadcast online via ustream through the link We go on-air beginning 3 AM to 10 PM. You also can text through these numbers 0906-286-1074 and 0999-626-8244, for your comments and suggestions.

Barangay eMedia is located in RBB Bldg., Villa Sta. Theresa Village, MCLL Highway, Divisoria, Zamboanga City. WE ARE SERVING LOCAL, BROADCASTING GLOBAL. “Hende lang este radio, TV este! eMedia Mo!” Follow us back again tomorrow in this column page. (By Rev. Berlie G. Yap)

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