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A sportsman that has become a coach, a businessman and who now wants to be an enforcer of the law……… his name is Expedito Bovidick De los Santos Jr.

his parents are Expedito y de los Santos Sr. and Pilar M de los Santos, his sister is Maria Jenalyn.

Bobidick is married to Irene Fernando, their children are Ricardo Red, Nicola Paola and Nastasha. At a young age of 8 years old he started to love and play basketball says his mother. He studied at (ICAS) school during elementary, during those times, he idolized Rogelio LAMUK Elopre” who is the star player of ZAEC, now called UZ.

Later on, he was transferred to ATENEO de Zamboanga 'til 3rd year high school and eventually was transferred to Southern City college. After graduating at (SCC) He enrolled again at the ATENEO to which was the time his name became famous in our city, he was playing with Ateneo, he was then famously called “The Destroyer”, (I was then their Coach at that time) He was standing at 6'1 playing point guard and can also play other positions available. He was an all-around player, they achieved 3 championship trophies in that year, he is also the star player of the MYRNAS BAKE HOUSE team a commercial league we are participating before.

“All this things happened it was you (Elong) who inspire me I learned so many techniques and the moral values as well always as praying and asking god for guidance.

Then on after dominating in the local Tourney in the City (Zamboanga) he felt he was so ready and wanted to test himself playing in one of the big leagues in Manila. So he left for Manila took the try out in San Sebastian College where Francis Rodriguez was the Coach (one of the most famous coaches in the Manila Pool at that time). Gladly, He got drafted by the famous Coach. Then challenges came, since he wasn’t in his usually hometown. Discipline was very much needed. “I was alone day in and day out.”

I made waves in the Manila gene  pool at that time which took FEU to finally notice me. I was then on offered and so I did transfer to Far Eastern University playing under coach Turo Valenzona played with FEU for 4 years. Eventually I decided to come home and that was the time I was offered a coaching job in Ateneo de Zamboanga University … this are the achievements Milo SBP Year 2000- 2nd  2001 2nd 2002 Champion 2003 Champion 2004 2nd 2005- 2012 Champion 2005 Mindanao Finals Champion Represented Mindanao at the national Finals 3rd place at the National Finals  DEP ED ELEM 2008 – 2014 division meet and regional meet Champion represented Region 9 at the Palarong Pambansa bronze medalist held in Laguna city elementary division and collage. 2006-2007- 2nd placer local inter school. 2008 champion Represented Region 9 at the National Competition (PCCL) Phil. Collegiate Champions League. 2009- Local. 2010 Champion (U19) Under Nineteen (NBTC) National Basketball Training Center Represented Region 9 at the NBTC Held in Cebu City Bronze Medalist. 2011 Champion Represented Region 9 at the National competition (PCCL) Phil. Collegiate Champions League. 2011 Bronze Medalist at the University Games Held in Roxas City.

This are the players who where playing under my watch namely Michael Tolomia, Jens Knuttel, Meds Salim, Rayyan Amsali, Rence Sean Padrigao, John Escalante, Jon Toni Alforte, Miguel Sahali, Metmet Ascano, Peter Alfaro, Van Von Pilanga, Jossier Hassan, Al-Jonnier Hassan, Janner Hassan and others.

In 2003-2004, I coached at (UZ) senior team 2nd place, 2006- 2011 Ateneo senior team, 2012-up to present still a Coach of the Ateneo Junior team. A lot of adjustments had to be made most specially from a player now a coach, the word “Passion” is always considered. That’s why I stayed this long as a Coach because of my passion. I want to help others the way I see basketball and help them through my ideas and experiences that I had. My advice to those who want to excel in this sport is, “You have give your best at times, don’t give an inch to your opponent.. Sometimes even your friends become your opponent your opponent become your friends, but sportsmanship must always be there no matter what happens. I currently also have my Uniform and Jersey Printing Business, it’s doing well but there are always challenges still day in and out. As a mentally tough Basketball player, eventually, the Body will grow old but my mind will always remember how I started. I am used to undergoing “Sacrifice and Perseverance” just like in my College Days”.  I know  there's a long road ahead and there are lots of memories to remind me from behind. The memories will always live by me to guide me and my family and still make waves here in Zamboanga City As a Player, Coach and a Businessman. Thanks to Coach Elong Natividad for the Interview … SABOR DE ALEGRIA ARIBA ZAMBOANGA. (By Elong Natividad)

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