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The City Government sets the stage for the Zamboanga Summer Festival 2017 starting next month and it is predicted to be another activity-filled summer. Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar said the activities will be highlighted by athletic events among several sectors, specifically the youth, who are the main focus of the festivities. Salazar said that entries for the different competitions may now be submitted to the Information Division, under her office. The different competitions include Mi Ciudad de Zamboanga photo contest, mural painting contest, Dia de Vicente Alvarez Neo-Ethnic Dance competition, Zamboanga Hiphop dance competition: the illusion challenge and the Festival de las bellas y Flores: Los Elementos. The Summer Festival is an annual activity organized by the City Government intended to spice up the summer vacation of the locals and visitors as well. Adding color to the Summer Festival will be the Summer Learn to Play a Sport program, a month-long free training for youths aged 7-15 on 26 sports events. Salazar said the Summer learn to play starts May 1 and interested participants may get in touch with the City Sports Division at the Mayor Vitaliano Agan Coliseum in the village of Tetuan for

more details.

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Here’s another violent incident initiated in the heart of town. A woman on Friday was allegedly assaulted, later brought to a grassy area on Airport Rd., Canelar, was raped and robbed by a man known only to her by face,

The victim, whose name was withheld, 23, a resident of Barangay Mampang, this city, was walking along Tomas Claudio Street, when she was attacked by the suspect identified only as a certain Mohammad, no family name, address unknown.

The victim reported to Police Station 11 that the suspect hit her with a fist on the nape rendering her unconscious. She said that she woke up already in a grassy area near the Airport Road in Barangay Canelar.

Police investigation revealed that the victim was walking along Tomas Claudio at about past 12:00midnight Friday when the suspect suddenly approached her from behind and hit her on the nape.

She woke up at about 7:00 a.m. and found herself in a vacant lot without her bra and underwear, prompting her to believe that she was sexually abused by the suspect.

She also averred that her iPhone 6 and pouch containing P3,000 were missing, and may have been taken by the suspect.

A thorough investigation is still being conducted by the police to identify the suspect for his possible arrest.

She was advised to undergo medico-legal examination to establish the facts of the incident.

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Chief Inspector Hingming Ladjaali, Chief of Police Station 8, led his men in arresting the suspect in the mauling and robbing of a woman at Seaside, Barangay Sinunuc.

Ladjaali identified the suspect as Radzmer Mauladin y Alawi, of legal age, single, a resident of Sitio Alas-As, Sinunuc.

Ladjaali said, the victim positively identified the suspect when they presented him to her at the hospital, where she was confined. Victim was named as Gladyz Estrada y Roswina, 45, married and a resident of Upper Miramar Subdivision, Sinunuc. She sustained severe contusions on her face and body.

Police investigation revealed that the victim came from her residence and was on her way to the public market at 4:00 a.m. when attacked by the suspect.

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President Duterte announced yesterday, the procurement of more modern military aircraft, sea vessels, and other equipment in the next two to three years for the Armed Forces of the Philippine (AFP) for them to better patrol the country’s territory and combat security threats,.

The President divulged plans to further modernize the AFP to be on a par with its counterparts in the world.

The country’s soldiers could also expect handguns from the Duterte administration in appreciation of their sacrifices for the nation, and for them to be able to defend themselves even when official

Meanwhile, Murray Hiebert, deputy director for the Southeast Asia program of Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, D.C., warned, the United States may cut off its military aid and training to the Philippines if the AFP will have a bigger role in the drug war.

President Duterte,. You will recall has given the lead role to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA), ordering the AFP and Philippine National Police (PNP) to back it.

“This could potentially have a devastating impact on the bilateral military relationship between the two countries,” Heibert said.

In 2016, the US government gave $79 million in military aid that was mostly used to boost the capacity of the Philippine Air Force, Coast Guard, and Navy. The Philippines was also a recipient of a $42-million training program conducted by the US Maritime Security Initiative.

In an assessment published by CSIS, Heibert disclosed that the United States Congress has “been discussing whether and how the US Congress should respond to Duterte’s deadly drug war.”

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The President has apologized to VP Leni Robredo for failing to mention her name at the start of his prepared speech at the PMA graduation rites in Baguio City, in what was only the second time the two met after Robredo resigned, or was it kicked from her cabinet post? Duterte, trying to make light of the incident, offered to beat up his speechwriters for omitting Robredo’s name on the list of top government officials present in the ceremony.

Ows,“omitting”- who knows, mind you, if it was deliberate to have the opportunity to - as he is prone to make passes at her. Just a thought, aware of the naughtiness of our President.

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Just days after President Rodrigo Duterte ordered soldiers to flatten the hills in going after the New People’s Army, the peace panels of the government and the communist-led National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) announced that peace talks were back on track.

In a joint statement signed on Saturday, both parties, which met for two days in Utrecht, The Netherlands, not only agreed to resume the negotiations but also to reinstate the indefinite unilateral ceasefire declarations while working on an interim bilateral ceasefire agreement. Norway facilitated the informal talks on March 10 and 11.

“The parties shall continue the formal peace talks and reiterate their reaffirming of all bilateral agreements and statements made in the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations...”

Watch the count closely, and see if you see any notable disparity. Here goes.

To be released are four soldiers and a policeman, four communist rebel consultants and 19 political prisoners after the government and the communist-led National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) agreed to resume formal peace negotiations.

Noticed it? The figures are disproportionate. Right? It’s tilted to the favor of the reds. Only 5 for government, 23 for the rebels.

While it is said, everything is fair in war or peace, but for government to bend in hopes of achieving peace, is acceptable. Anyway, there are express wishes the President established. , And at the end of the day, he decides last.

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Sen. Leila de Lima stays inside. The Court of Appeals (CA) has denied her petitions seeking to stop the prosecution of the drug cases lodged against her that is pending before a Muntinlupa City court and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

The CA’s Special 6th Division, which consolidated the senator’s two separate petitions for injunctive relief, ruled that de Lima failed to show that proceeding with the prosecution of the cases would violate her rights or that it would result in “grave or irreparable injury” on her part.

That, of course is for failure to establish violation of “rights”

That, of course is due to failure to establish that “proceeding with the prosecution of the cases would… result in “grave or irreparable injury on her part.”

But, in fact and in truth, it would. Agree or disagree?

De Lim’s argument contending DOJ has no jurisdiction over the complaints against her, being a government official, it is the Office of the Ombudsman that has jurisdiction over the cases, was effectively debunked by the CA.

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When Senate Majority leader Vicente Sotto 3rd pronounced that the President never lifted a finger to save Yasay or requested the commission to confirm his appointment, speculations arose that to enable Pres. Duterte to appoint Sen. Allan Peter Cayetano, as what he had repeatedly been saying. But Sotto immediately doused it with water.

He emphasized that is not the reason for the rejection of Yasay, adding Duterte never tried to interfere with the processes of the appointments body.

He, however noted, the President soon after, appointed an acting DFA secretary upon learning of the commission’s decision to reject Yasay.

Under the new policy of the commission of “three strikes, you’re out,” Duterte could have still re-appointed Yasay two more times, keeping him in position a little longer. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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