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Why Meng not in favor of March 20


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)

SO little faith in God means fear dominates in us. “Why are you afraid? You have so little faith!” (Matthew 8:26)




THE new experimental traffic scheme in the city will take effect on Monday(March 20). And, the city council gave its green-light, albeit some honorable members in its august body expressed their dissenting opinions as far as the date (March 20) for the start of its implementation is concerned.

ALTHOUGH, they favored the city’s new experimental traffic scheme to help improve the city’s traffic flow— particularly in the west-coast where there’s the ongoing road-widening project of the DPWH and the ZCWD’s continuous pipe-laying works, yet some failed to agree on its effectivity date—  March 20.

ONE of them was Dist. 2 Councilor Rommel Agan who opted for its earlier date in the implementation—that’s right after their concurrence of said new traffic scheme in its last Tuesday morning(March 14)’s regular session.

AGAN, according to our political kibitzers, was actually up against(Dist. 1) Cong. Celso Lobregat whose birthday falls on March 20. THE duo is currently at loggerheads over their current dispute on the city’s proposed creation for a third congressional district.

“Ese gale’ el rason c porque disgustao c Consehal Agan cunese pecha de Marso 20,” otro c Bogs ta kukina gayot.

“Deberas man” purpia tamen c Ador.

“Meng for Mayor!” na c Nado taman campañaya..  Ay ambut..

RECALL, Cong. Celso vowed he’ll never author a bill with regards to the proposed creation of a third congressional district in ZC. He said the city is better off with its present status( 2 congressional districts), and there’s no need for any additional 3rd congressionaldistrict if it merely counts more on the basis of its quantityrather than go for its quality factor in their congressman.



BRACE yourselves for the possible occurrence of a series of typhoons— to start the month of April. But, by August, September and October this year, the onset of El Niño, according to our local PAGASA  head Maribel Enriquez, will most likely occur.

BY now, the month of March— the climate outlook, Ms. Enriquez revealed during last Monday’s CH press briefing, “will be partly cloudy to cloudy for the current weekdays.”

MS. Enriquez described the ongoing weather outlook as “Magulo, o Mal tiempo.”

IT all boils down to Climate Change. Period.


LIKEWISE, brace yourselves for the upcoming power interruptions as calendared by Zamcelco to occur: March 18 and March 25( from 9am to 3pm)— for supposed maintenance purposes, as announced by its PIO Ferdie Rodriguez in last Monday’s weekly CH news conference.



MORE latest updates from City Hall: Mayor Beng announced Monday that the city is poised to acquire the needed size-lot for the transfer of our ZC Jail Station somewhere in the east-coast. The lady mayor assured that by the end of March, the proposed new jail station site can already be obtained by the city as its counterpart to the BJMP’s available funding amounting to over a P100 million to set up a modern ZC jail station that’ll replace its old city jail facilities located on Varela Street, a walking distance to City Hall— its seat of governance.

City Warden C/Insp. Ervin Diaz has been long lobbying City Hall to provide, under the law, the required (at-least 6) hectare-lot property, as the said funding has already been downloaded here for the eventual construction of the new ZC reformatory center, or ZC Jail Station. Its present city jail station is extremelyoverpopulated with detainees— ballooning triple times more than its capacity number of up to only 600, as shown publicly by its own jail bulletin.

LET’s, therefore, put our trust on the spoken words of our own lady Mayor Beng.  let’s support her. After all, she’s our city mom.  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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