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Cavaliers to set 2-peat


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THERE’LL be (more or less) 20 remaining games left for this year’s NBA (82-game) regular season, and it’s in the Western Division where the race is described as so tight for its top spot to gain a home-court advantage when its playoff period arrives—probably April or close to middle of the year.

The teams in the Eastern Division where the reigning NBA Champ Cleveland Cavaliers (led by the game’s # 1 superstar Lebron James) is bracketed, are tough, as well. But, not so much— unlike what we see in its western hemisphere where we expect their court skirmishes to be anybody’s game between and among its top guns, namely: Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets and even Los Angeles Clippers.

In the Eastern? No sweat at all for the Cavaliers. When playoff games kick off, expect Lebron to be unbeatable.

LEBRON will once again spearhead his team to make sure they’ll keep the NBA crown in Cleveland— by scoring a 2-peat.

WITH the able backup support from its two other superstars Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love (still on the injured list, but expect him to be healthy and ready for the playoff games), how can the Cavaliers lose?

RIGHT now, Cleveland lead the Boston Celtics by at-least three games, and the way they’re playing— like just go easy with their foes till playoffs comes, so there will be no serious injuries to occur amongst any of their players— the NBA champs are certain to repeat its feat.

SEE how Lebron plays his every game to its high level in the ongoing regular season? How he elevates magnificently his game versus any defenders thrown on him? He’s mighty strong and nobody can ever much his skills on court. I don’t care about what they say of Spurs’ Kawhi Leonard’s fiercest reputation as the toughest defender in NBA today. And, who cares about Warriors’ Draymond Green’s dirty tactics?  When playoffs time comes, the “King” (that’s Lebron, the anointed one) will dwarf them all.

I bet you, the Cleveland Cavaliers will win them all!  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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