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21 Persons were Already Arrested


Yesterday—March 20, during the regular Mayor’s presscon at the City Hall, PS/Supt. Luisito Prado Magnaye had oriented the crowd, that since after the re-institution of the Oplan TokHang, which started just last week, there were already around 21 persons who were arrested and implicated to the sale of illegal drugs.

If you remember, when the PNP Chief—Gen. Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa, came to Zamboanga City last month, no less than our local officials had expressed their sincere sentiments, if the former could soon restore back the Oplan TokHang. Notably, such police approach has significantly curbed the population of drug pushers and users in the City.

Accordingly, many were forced to give-up their former lifestyle, which is a very good news for Zamboanga City. Now, Oplan TokHang is back, and even is upgraded, thus expectedly the world of the illegal drugs may shrink more and more in La Bella. Admittedly, the widespread use of shabu drugs has affected many of our locals.

In fact, recent criminalities all over are mostly attributed to the use of shabu drugs. The latter did have reduced already their sanity by the use of illegal drugs ortheir addiction to it.So, they easily are now able to cold-bloodedly kill, rape and rob the innocent ones. Many said that those high-school students who committed group sex in an abandoned house, somewhere in Putiklast week,could also be drug users. None can tell!

Our local leaders understand this particular predicament, so that if we may not apply drastic actions, worse things can happen to in our future. Candidly, we do not want to see more crimes committed in Zamboanga City, or the destruction of the lives and future of our youths. If there are people in the country who do not support the Oplan TokHang, the majority of the Zamboangueño people,on the other hand,are simply for it.

After all, in La Bella we have not seen those stuffs—those sensational Extra Judicial Killing (EKJ) in the streetsof other metropolis, here in the City. Inasmuch, our local police do properly observe their maximum tolerance in each of their operation. They also carefully execute suchoperations against suspected drug pushers around. This could be the reason why our local officials do fully support the Oplan TokHang of the PNP here in La Bella.

Now, there are other petty crimes of theft and small time robbery which, now and then, happen in our streets, as according to the suspicion of many, these are done by former ordinary pushers who already lose their usual drug trade. So their only option is to steal or rob. If such is true, it can be a new problem which must also be given attentions by our police.

There was this story, few weeks ago, about a young man—on his way to Paseo del Mar, was robed. Behind him were other youths, who suddenly placed their arms on his shoulder, and pretendedto be usual friends. Curious if who were those duo, so he tried to turn his head around, but the latter declared then that it was a hold-up. The former’s money, cellphone and other valuables were scraped by the latter.

After the strangers successfully did their intentions, thankfully though, they just simply left and did not harm their victim. Such is just one of the newer problem also in our streets. It is still pretty imperative for anyone of us, not to carry big amounts of money, nor parade our fancy valuables in downtown. We cannot know if criminal elements are just around and do only wait to who they may victimize next.

Apparently, in the following days, more serious apprehensions will be done by our City police against suspected drug pushers. This should already deter the remaining brave illegal drug traders in La Bella. It is not yet too late for them to change or to literally yield to the authorities. The simple reason that their safest option is such is because the PNP is now very much determinedof its war against the illegal drugs.

“Plans are established by counsel;by wise guidance wage war. Whoever goes about slandering reveals secrets;therefore do not associate with a simple babbler. If one curses his father or his mother, his lamp will be put out in utter darkness. An inheritance gained hastily in the beginningwill not be blessed in the end. Do not say, ‘I will repay evil’;wait for the Lord, and he will deliver you.” (Prov. 20:18-22, ESV)

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