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Generally OK, with Few Needed Corrections


The new traffic scheme had indeed started last Monday morning—March 19, at exactly 7AM. So far, by general observation, it went perfect, smooth, and orderly as it was expected by our local officials; but of course, observably, with few needed corrections along. There are still junctions which ought to be adjusted, in the process. Anyways, the new traffic scheme is on its experimental nature still, and not yet permanent.

Zamboanga City must have seen, and probably also felt proud, when Mayor Beng crisscrossed, with her sweats, the highways of the RT Lim Boulevard and the long stretch of San Jose Road, on the first hours of the first day of the new scheme implementations. Our good Mayor is sure a cowgirl. Yesterday morning, she also asked sincere apologies to the Zamboangueño people for the temporary inconvenience, the new traffic brought to our City.

It could be a first time, after many years, where the San Jose Road had its freer space, for the traveling motorists. Literally, there was no traffic congestions along the San Jose Road, since Monday! But at the other highway, which is the RT Lim Boulevard, congestions are present along battle-neck areas, like the corner of RT Lim and Alejo Alvarez Rd.

Apparently, somewhere in Pilar College, congestions were also seen for the first two days. But the rest, particularly the roads from Suterville towards the RT Lim Boulevard, were perfectly freer. Nonetheless, other highways are the ones which are caught with the heavier deluge of traffic. To name one, which has the worst, is the stretch of Gov. Ramos Ave.

Barangay eMedia noticed that most big trucks—trailer trucks and container vans, opted to throng the Gov. Ramos Ave. than in RT Lim Boulevard. Thus, those in San Roque, Sta. Maria, Pasonanca, and other nearby barangays were terribly affected in their mobility. One texter commented that it took him more than two hours to reach home last Monday afternoon, from his work to San Roque, simply because of the clogging traffic along the Gov. Ramos Ave.

Now, with regards to the business sector, at this early there are not too many who complained, except those who are really or directly affected of the new traffic scheme; for example, a private college along the Chico Road, in Baliwasan, its management allowed to be interviewed by Barangay eMedia; accordingly, the college’s faculty and studentry are so much affected by the change of traffic.

Another small businesswoman, who daily delivers charcoals from the West Coast towards the San Jose Road, she also complained that her business is also directly affected by the change. At present, she is worrying to how she may be able to deliver her bulk of goods. She mentioned in an interview that such new traffic scheme is pretty disadvantageous for them who do not have their own vehicles.

Noticeably, the students of WMSU, Polytechnic College, and City High West, we never saw much pressures amongst them. They kind of have right away adjusted to the new change. Some said that it is probably because the school year is already ending. Thus, the actual situation may be observe yet, exactly during the opening of classes,which is on June.

The writer is also a student in WMSU, and he lives in Canelar. When he goes to school he passes along the San Jose Road, but when he goes home, he picks the Canelar jeepneys, which readily park somewhere in that gasoline station, across the Baliwasan Central School. He is in few adjustments as well, but at least the situation is not that a total deadlock.

As they say, for the convenience of everyone, we will have sometimes to give way or sacrifice a little. For sure, the new traffic scheme did not hurt the majority of La Bella’s population, but has instead helped them someway somehow. There is just though few temporary adjustments, which need to be applied and are also admittedly pretty normal to any change. Remember, change is only a stepping stone to a real progress.

“A wicked man puts on a bold face, but the upright gives thought to his ways. No wisdom, no understanding, no counsel can avail against the LORD. The horse is made ready for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the LORD.” (Prov. 21:29-31, ESV)

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