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The real score on city jail transfer delay?


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IS Samson for real in the Holy Scripture? Yes. “Samson prayed to the Lord, Sovereign Lord, remember me again. O God, please strengthen me just one for time.  With one blow let me pay back the Philistines for the loss of my two eyes. Then, Samson put his hands on the two center pillars that held up the temple Pushing against them with both hands, he prayed, “Let me die with the Philistines.” And the temple crashed down on the Philistine rulers and all the people. So he killed more people( about 3,000 men and women) when he died than he had during his entire lifetime.” (Judges 16: 28-30). Email:



“Puede c quiere. Cay nuquiere, poreso ta ace dificil.”

THIS is the chavacano battle-cry of then congressional bet the late James Enriquez when he campaigned in his losing bid for the city’s 1st congressional district back then in the 2010 local/ presidential polls.

NOW, they say, it can be applied to the ensuing city jail transferrow that’s getting more intriguing, these days.

WHILE  City Jail Warden(C/Insp.) Ervin Diaz, is trying to rush up for its realization by the later part of this year(2017), the city gov’t is yet saying it’s still fumbling for a sure lot where the transfer site can be finally established.

THAT means up to now, our city officialdom isn’t yet ready at all to comply with its own counterpart to provide the required suitable lot-property where its new city jail facilities will rise most likely in the east-coast, as hinted from the very beginning.

THIS is principally the very reason why warden Diaz, a basileño with roots from this city, sounds desperate, and to my mind, as if strongly sending a clear message to our city gov’t that unless we do something more than just a rhetoric, we can’t get the job done, as far as the city jail transfer is concerned.

IN last Monday’s CH weekly press-con, it’s very evident that the city gov’t under the stewardship of our lady mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar isn’t stepping up the gas well to make it happen as prompt as it can be, as we figure it out to be.

SINCE Diaz’s early days in his fresh stint here as the new city jail warden, based to my own findings, Mayor Beng has shown more a better chemistry working with Diaz’s predecessor Jail Supt. Julius Arro now assigned in another region— somewhere in Luzon in the Visayas.

A top City Hall source revealed that during the courtesy call on the city’s lady chief executive in her office by both Arro and Diaz, it was Arro who gained more her sympathy, as if wishing he’d be retained. Diaz came in only in later part of last year— probably in October or November, as major revamps were shaping up in the Duterte administration effected by its new DILG boss Mike Sueno under whom the BJMP falls.

HOWEVER, I told my source, I’ll take this with a grain of salt. But, as far as I know, this’s all about the supposed dillydallying, and whether it’s true or not, the people are entitled to know. After all, we’re doing this within the context of the recently-approved Freedom of Information (FOI) under the reins of the Duterte gov’t, now. Therefore, any fuss that might crop up is considered a non-issue, by now. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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