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Mindanaoans quest for a better future


Change has threatened vested interests of greedy politicians who has been enjoying the fruits of irresponsible governance perpetuated by corrupt politicians and oligarchs who control this country for a long time now.

Political power-grab being hatched in Manila has led to the filing of half-baked Impeachment Complaint against the popopularly-elected President Duterte. The triumvirate of the rightist Magdalo Group, the Yellow Mafia and Oligarchs with foreign benefactors has once again muddled the Mindanaoans quest for a better future.

On the other hand, Federalism or the option towards a Federal shift in governance- although still alien to the consciousness of most Filipinos, has gained popular support especially among Mindanaoans and other tribal groupings in the country.

Will the political rumblings and planned power-grab by the selfish political few prevent Mindanaoans from building a better future under a Federal set up?

Mindanao has long been excluded, alienated and neglected by power brokers and oligarchs in Manila.

Now more than ever, the quest to build vibrant communities in Mindanao and other tribal-inspired struggle of people from other regions of the country has become more stronger and popular.

The selfish moves and political maneuverings in Manila only fuels the ultimate desire of Mindanaoans to establish economically and politically viable comunities in the countryside.

We don’t know yet how the Federal Government looks like or how it will function to benefit a greater majority. One thing is sure, Mindanaoans are more determined to chart a better future amidst the challenges affecting our polotically-fragmented society. (

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