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SP takes cognizance of city jail woes


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THE city council, during its weekly regular session last Tuesday morning (March 20), tackled with all urgency of its own, the extremely over-populated woes of our city jail station on Varela St., and moved nay any second thought for our city gov’t to do everything to cause for its immediate transfer, sans dillydallying at all.

THERE are a lot of things to be done here, and they aren’t that easy, at all.

First and foremost in their minds, is to address by all means, and without further delay, the city jail’s acute concern for its going over-the-maximum (2,500) number of detainees inside all its packed detention cells.

ITS City Jail Warden C/Insp. Ervin Diaz has deeply expressed his grave concern over such an impendingcrisis, and even hinted our beleaguered city jail would eventually stop accepting more additional detainees in the near future, lest its plague exacerbates, further.

BUT, City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon, Jr. has warned Diaz not to resort to, at all, or else he’ll be cited for contempt of court.

THE council deliberated lengthily on the matter-- to include the possibility for the utilization of the San Ramon prison & penal farm in Brgy. Talisayan in the west-coast where the city built the unused detention quarters inside its penal colony supposedly intended for all the over 200 incarcerated MNLF suspects linked to the bloody “Zamboanga Siege” that happened in Sept. of 2013.

BUT, this couldn’t be made possible at all under the country’s strict penal code.

“We can be all charged here in the Ombudsman if we do that,” cried a legal luminary-member of its august body.

MAYOR Beng Climaco-Salazar herself stressed, in last Monday’s CH’s weekly press briefing, that the police cannot be halted from its mandated duties to arrest crime suspects-- mostly involved in illegal drugs, and lodge them to our city jail, albeit its predicament, right now.

THERE are said many options available on hand, yet they can’t simply act on all of them with dispatch-- despite knowing the fact, that time is of the essence, right now, and that we can’t afford to delay it, any further.

“ Hinde’na kta nicisita dialogue kete dialogue. Cansao ya kta na mga dialogue cuneste problema. Cosa kta nicisita aura action agat!.”

“Tupao c Consehal Charlie Mariano. Pero no le man goma, gomalli,” c Bogs ta martilla ba ste o ta alaba cun Carlos.

IN their long discourse on the said issue, the matter of further having one more final dialogue with all the top brasses of the different main gov’t law enforcement entities concerned-- to include principally the ZC jail station under Major Diaz, ZCPO under S/Supt. Luisito Magnaye, the City Legal Office under Atty. Carbon and even the BJMP itself, to holistically shed light, once and for all, on the matter, appeared inevitable, thus could happen, after all.

LET’S keep watch on this, if true they can walk their talk, “as time is of the essence,” they said to themselves in the august body.  (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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