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No collection for graduation rites


The Department of Education is dead serious in its policy for public schools not to collect fees for end of school year rites. Such is the tenor of City Schools Superintendent Pete Natividad, as he again reminded authorities of the ruling. Natividad disclosed that moving up and graduation expenses for public schools should instead be charged to the school’s Maintenance and Other Operating Expenses (MOOE).

Likewise, non-academic projects such as film viewing, JS proms, and field trips cannot be imposed as a requirement for clearance. They are not requirement, he stressed.

Graduation rites for schools are set on or before April 7, although some island schools will be holding their rites a few days earlier, Natividad said.

End of school year rites are classified into two – graduation, and moving up and completion. Graduation rites are held for Grade 6 students who are given elementary certificates, and Grade 12 students given diplomas, while moving up and completion are held for Grade 10 students who receive a junior high school certificate. Grade 12 students receive diplomas.

But as yet, there are no Grade 12 graduates in Zamboanga City this school year.

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Jail Warden Chief Insp. Ervin Diaz faces possible contempt charges if he does refuse to accept inmates in the jail facility, so he had so warned. On the other hand City Legal Officer, Atty. Jesus Carbon yesterday, threatened him with the charges.

To SS, Diaz is clearly a learned man, his threat of denying acceptance of additional inmates should not be taken hook, line and sinker. It is plain and simple a distress call for authorities to take immediate pre-emptive actions to solve the problem of congestion.

Here’s a very simple sample of an immediate remedial step the repeated Diaz valid appeal for temporary use of the idle city-owned detention facility in San Ramon that was hurriedly built to house MNLF captives of the 2013 Zamboanga Siege, who have since been transferred to Taguig.

Up to now still no action. That Diaz plea, folks, is very doable, pliant, workable, etc. Such is a truly pre-emptive remedial cure to the malady at hand.

No need for threats and counter-threats. Simple, hugh. But why no action?

Recall, Diaz earlier disclosed, the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center can only accommodate 2,500 prisoners, and can now add only 80 more.

With that, Mayor Maria Isabelle Climaco-Salazar asked Diaz to put in writing his concerns so the city government can act on it, saying that at present, the city government is looking for a site for the construction of a new jail facility, with the BJMP having already appropriated P194 million for ts construction. And under agreed terms, site for the said facility I the city government’s share.

Now, now, now, with that disclosure, that “the city government will provide the lot where to build the said facility,” we see no way where the JMP had failed putting their concerns in writing. For it to be demanded, late at this stage, would only delay things further. Moe so, the protracted site acquisition should not be used as a scapegoat for over-delayed actions.

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Unrelenting enforcement of “Oplan Double Barrel Reloaded” by the Zamboanga City Police office (ZCPO) nets five more persons over the over the weekend.

Leading his men, Police Station 6 Chief, P/Sup Nonito Asdai nabbed Jay-R Francisco y Edgardo, 23, of Bagong Dalan, Barangay Tugbungan during a buy-bust operation at the vicinity of a mall in Barangay Tetuan, this city.

Meanwhile, a certain Marjon Bartolome y Alfaro, alias Prim, 24, single and a resident of Alfaro Drive, Barangay Culianan, was arrested in a buy-bust operation conducted by the Station Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU) of Police Station 4, under Chief P/CInsp. Elmer Solon.

Likewise, a certain Rodolfo Delos Reyes y Torres, alias Bie, 54, was arrested in another buy-bust operation at J.D. Cruz, Barangay Tetuan by Police Station 4 personnel.

On the other hand, SDEU operatives of Police Station 5, led by Chief Inspector Arlan Delumpines conducted a buy-bust operation at Zone 6, Barangay Putik that resulted in the arrest of Honeylyn Viadnes y Jemoni, alias Madam, 43, married, and Rolando Pansib y Balenton, 53, single, of the same place.

All arrested suspects were conducted to the Police Station, as they await charges for violation of R.A. 9165, otherwise known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

With the program in relentless moves, pushers, users and the like had better knock off their activities. Could they land only in jail, when detention centers become full, the wider spaces are cemeteries. Watch out.

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President Duterte is not totally abandoning our rights over the Spratleys. He is determined to take the appropriate action to protect the country’s interest in the South China Sea, but “at a time most fitting and advantageous” to Filipinos. Apparently, not now.

Presidential Spokesman Ernesto Abella assured that the President would not abandon the country’s maritime entitlements amid reported plans of China to build structures in the disputed area.

Before he left for Myanmar last Sunday (March 19), the President admitted that the Philippines “cannot stop” China from building an environmental monitoring station on Panatag Shoal, adding that he would not declare war with China over the territorial dispute due to its military might. “It would be a massacre,” he conceded.

But Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio later called on Duterte to defend the country’s territory, outlining its detailed steps, to include filing of a protest against China’s construction activity and sending Navy to patrol Panatag Shoal.

Carpio said Duterte could also ask the United States to declare Panatag Shoal as part of Philippine territory for purposes of the Philippines-US mutual defense treaty. The SC magistrate also suggested the acceptance of the US offer to hold joint naval patrols in the South China Sea to prevent China from building on Panatag Shoal.

Carpio was part of the Philippine team that argued and won the country’s arbitration case against China before an international tribunal.

How the President would take those counsels remains unknown. It is, however rueful - on that particular matter - the President has for now killed the proverbiall goose that would lay the golden egg, saying he is giving all to America, except military alliance. Whew..!

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It pays for Palace intervention in the surrender of suspects. Such is the case for road rage suspect, scion of one of Cebu’s wealthiest families. Secretly, he was able to give up direct to the Central Visayas regional director (RD) Chief Supt. Noli Taliño, in the wee hours of the morning.

Lim was identified as the driver of a Mercedes Benz who shot and wounded nurse Ephraim Nuñal on a narrow street in Cebu. He is a nephew of businessman Peter Lim, who had met with Mr. Duterte to deny that he was the drug lord Peter Lim the President had named.

And the road rage suspect was detained at the Philippine National Police Regional Intelligence Division (RID) in Camp Sergio Osmeña, headquarters of PRO 7, instead of the stockade of the city police office, which is investigating the road rage case. He was moved later to the city police stockade, following stringent public criticisms.

Lim was accompanied by his mother, Bebong, two relatives and lawyer Orlando Salatandre Jr. when he went to the office of, Central Visayas regional director (RD).

Salatandre in talks with newsmen, claimed the full video recording should be presented to show that Lim was merely defending himself.

The video, taken by a dashboard camera of another motorist who witnessed the road rage, showed Lim confronting Nuñal after Lim went back to his car to get his gun and shoot Nuñal twice.

And it showed Lim and girlfriend, Tamae Takahashi, fleeing in the Mercedes Benz after the shooting.

Salatandre said it was not the complete story. Nuñal, the lawyer said, was with two other men who were “bigger” than Nuñal. Thinking that he might be overpowered by Nuñal’s two companions, Lim got a gun and fired to scare Nuñal and his two companions, Salatandre said. It was purely self-defense, he added.

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Due to violations of court procedures, including the principle of the hierarchy of courts, Justices of the Supreme Court on Tuesday hinted that detained Sen. Leila de Lima’s petition questioning her arrest might be headed for doomsday.

So, that must have been the secret weapon boasted of in a coded tone by the Solicitor General yesterday.

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A potential terror attack in Metro Manila by the Islamic State-inspired Maute group was foiled after authorities arrested a suspect, who is apparently a weapons keeper for the Maute fighters who have established a presence in the Metropolis, Police Chief Ronald dela Rosa said Tuesday.

Her named the suspect as Nasip Sarip alias Nasip Ibrahim, a member of the Maute group, who was collared at his store on Libyan Street inside the Salam Compound in Culiat, Quezon City on Monday.

With the arrest, the PNP has effectively foiled another sinister attempt by the ISIS-inspired Maute group to launch terrorist activities,” Dela Rosa said. (By Jimmy Cabato)

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