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ZC’s supposed image “insulting”


(Enlightenment—Passage of the Day)

HOW great is the severity of God when in anger because of our sins?  Listen to this! “The earth will shake at the force of his word, and one breath from his mouth will destroy the wicked.” (Isaiah 11: 4). Email:



ZC no longer deserving to be marketed as Asia’s Latin City nor even can regain back its past glory as City of Flowers?

I’m afraid it could be true.

Rued one local folk,“Jun, hinde’ na kita Asia’s Latin City o maski City of Flowers. City of freedom of spit ya. Donde, donde lang ila laway na tiange.”


He added,“Talli pa se tambakan de mga basura, y ta ace kalayat maga pe’ro largao lang. Na, ke bien chi’chi ya gayot kta ki!”

You’re damned right, my friend. Can’t argue such a compunction. We feel same way.



THE other day, Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat refuted the findings of our local market authorities that there’s no ghost or shadow gov’t in our city’s old public market.

HE said during his tenure as the local chief executive, he ordered all the market law enforcers to strictly implement the city’s market ordinance—thus, its known illegal activities in the market, to include the reported illegal collection of market fees, were stopped.

Collection in market revenues in his heyday at City Hall soared as its illegal market activities were curbed, according to him.

“But, why is it he (Cong. Celso) still believes that there are illegal market activities going on up now at the old public market?” a top market official who declined to be identified, scorned.

Alli el problema..



“How do you translate San Roque into English?” asked Gilbert.

Angel answered, “St. Rogue.”

Ese pa!

INCIDENTALLY, Brgy. San Roque tops the list of dengue cases in the city, the CHO reported just recently.

MOST of our barangays named after our famous saints,are included in the top 10 of the CHO list for dengue cases in the city. They’re Sta. Maria, Sta. Catalina, Sta. Barbara, Sto. Niño andSan Jose.

“Poreso gale, tan busung kta ki, cay tiene kita problema na limpiesa ke ta causa empermedad como dengue,” c Bogs ya critika ya tamen.

You’re completely right, because this is a big insult to them. Bear in mind that Cleanliness is known as next to Godliness.



ELEVEN ISLANDS, if well developed into a major tourist destination in this part of Mindanao, can become the city’s top income earner in the near future.

BUT, ample security should be first highly prioritized by our major security forces like the AFP and PNP. Unless, we consider this one significant factor, said plan of the city can hardly be realized.

ELEVEN islands boast of having the best pristine sand beaches that nature has granted in this part of the globe. “Ang mga beaches ng 11 islands ditto sa ating ciudad ng Zamboanga ay ang pinaka maganda nakita tayo,” buttressed by no less ZCPO Director S/Supt Luisito Magnaye.

COL. Magnaye has promised to provide permanent security detachments in the different portions of the city’s renowned Eleven Islands as the local gov’t under our lady Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar, has mapped out major plans to convert the said group of 11 islands into world-class tourist spots in Southern Philippines.

IF this can happen under Beng’s leadership as the city’s chief executive, then certainly, she can be very unbeatable in any upcoming elections in ZC. For who else can beat her knowing damned well such an unmatched legacy belongs solely to her?

That’s if such a plan pushes through. If not, then, there’s no guarantee she can win it all in any of the city’s future political exercises.

Is there? (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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