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Seven habits of highly effective people


Success in one’s life does not always comes by chance, luck or fate.  Most of the successful people had work hard for it.  They found the way and unveil the secret of their success leaving us  the choice to benchmark and follow their foot steps.

As Steven R. Covey said, to be successful is to be effective in doing all the things that will lead to your goal.  And so Covey come up with his book entitled “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People “. It is  for all people without any distinction of faith, races, nationality, gender, and even on economic or social status. This 7 habits is for all people having same commonalities, aiming to be successful in life.

Success can not be achieved overnight  or just at the snap of fingers. It needs to be plan with certain steps to follow, of which this 7 habits give a good offer.

The first step is to be proactive. It is in here that we should be the boss of our beliefs, in thought, heart, words and actions.  We should believe in our self that we can do and change things positively leading to our best future.  Being proactive we should take into account the possible circumstances with regards to our actions, so we can face the challenges it brings.  Being a proactive person, we have an edge over the other who is not. We are the controller of our positive mind and so we know how to deal and react in whatever situation . As for my part, I do consider myself as proactive since I don’t allow negative forces to rule my emotions nor allow it to affect my decisions. I always keep in mind I am the master of myself.I will always be positive that I can achieved what I want to be. Whatever happens I am ready to face the consequences as long as I will not step on anybody’s shoes.

Begin with the End in mind is the second step. It is not just that you succeeded in making things done.  It is a matter of satisfaction.  Meaning, what you achieved should answer as to what you had wished and dreamed in life. The achievement must base from your purpose in life. For me , in this second habit, since my wish is to become an administrator, and now my wish had come true for I  am one .  To become an administrator is my personal desire, within my heart’s content and not  of  someone else . I can say that I am within the boundary of this second step, for I found joy, pleasure , satisfaction and fulfillment in my present job.

For the third habit, comes First Things First. This has something to do with time management, and the concept of importance and urgency. There are several things of important that we have to accomplish to meet our goals. However, we cannot do many things at the same time. We should consider the degree of how important and urgent are the things to be done to achieve our objectives. Then time management is of primordial concern.   It is in here, I realized that sometimes I found myself disorganized, cramping in accomplishing things and in meeting deadlines as well lacking reports for submission. The very reason for these things is that I am poor in time management. I must develop and gain skill on time management and develop the habit of First Things First.

Think Win-Win is the fourth habit. This habit is beneficial to me as an administrator.  In my field of work, I should highly observed neutrality in dealing if there are teachers’ dispute. Good for until now in my three years as a school administrator, I have not encountered such.  If ever dispute may occur, I should see to it that as much as possible I will not favor either of the party. Instead, I will guide to end up in a decision where both parties are winners. I must also see to it that decision shall be  freefrom pressure and intimidation instead decision should come from the concerned teachers’ mind and heart’s content.  In this case, me as an administrator must also be familiar and updated on laws ,policies and rules with disciplinary functions over public employees and officials.

For the fifth habit, Seek First to Understand,then be understood.In this habit fit  as the familiar saying goes” Listening is the beginning of understanding.” We have to listen and pay attention as to what others speak or say.  We need to understand what people are trying to convey or else we might got the wrong message, meaning  and interpretation thus end up misunderstood. And for this, problems from being misunderstood arises.And so, as a school head, I must see to it that no one shall talk while somebody is talking.  During conferences, meetings and dialogue, each one must know as to when is their turn to talk. And since our mind is not a magnetic one of which it can notabsorbedall of what were said, minutes shall be subscribed.  In terms of recall, dull pen is better than sharp mind. There should also be a recapitulation at the end of the meeting to eradicate misconception and clarify doubts.

Synergize is the sixth habit. The concept of synergy is the same with the concept of “ No man is an Island” and so with the idea of “ Alone, I can do so little, with many we can do so much.”  In school perspective, all aspects of school be it academically, physically, financially and even staffing will be more developed and improved with the full support and cooperation of school stakeholders.  Without such support, progress might find difficulty in achieving.Existing problems will easily be resolved when stakeholders’ helping hands are always be of reached. Therefore, school administrator need to foster friendly relationship and strong linkages with the students, teachers, parents, barangay and  local government officials, DepED Officials, private individuals and to non government organizations.

And the last habit of success is Sharpen the Saw. As often said, “Life is what make it.”  Our success depends on what we have done in our own  life.  In this habit the saw means us, our individual self. Definitely, success lies in our own hands.  We make our own future.  It is what and how  we sharpened up our own self  for us to be better and achieved our life’s vision and mission. It is how we have conditioned our inter-personal, own body, mind and spirit in surpassing all the challenges that were brought by the real world . For our body, good health should be provided to effectively carry our duties and roles.  We have to nurture our mind by engaging in activities like reading informative materials for it to functions well. Sharpening the saw simply means we have to equipped our selves all the skills, knowledge , experiences and all other things of which we believed have important attributions for us to become one of the successful person in the world.

Everyone wants to be successful. Whatever or whoever we are now, we must and should always remember, thanks and praise our Almighty God as our ultimate provider. We should do our best and I am sure God will do the rest. (By Elena F. Balan)

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