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Why not enforce Inter-Agency Security Concept?


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IN last Monday’s regular news briefing in City Hall, Mayor Beng Climaco-Salazar stressed she’ll never abandon her people even if it costs her life.

“When did I ever leave you?” Beng retorted when asked by the local press if she wouldn’t turn her back on her own people in the event the city (God forbid!) is under heavy attack.

“Dol bonito man uwi cun Mom Beng,” c Bogs belib ba o guachi lang ste.

“She added: “Did I ever leave our people when the Zamboanga Siege happened in our city (last Sept of 2013)?”

“Deberas taki gat le. Ele gayot ta encabesa. Poreso selos mga losdemas,” ta kukina man c Ador.

“Kien tan selos, aber?” c Nado dol taman pikon man.. bisto ya combos..

Ese pa!



SPEAKING of ample security, why don’t we thoroughly implement the existing Inter-Agency Security Concept (IASC) that the city gov’t adopted in a resolution that was agreed upon by all its top brasses that urgently formed a composite body  following the spate of kidnapping incidents that just sparked shortly after the bloody “Zamboanga Siege” in Sept. of 2013.

The Concept is meant to fight all forms of criminality-- particularly the heinous crimes. The meat of the Concept is, “Prevention is better than Cure.”

Hence, it’s aimed to be more proactive and anticipatory rather than merely being reactionary.

This is its paradigm.

LET’s say in a barangay. It has its barangay captain and his seven kagawads. The punong barangay or its barangay or village chieftain serves as its overall head. But each of his kagawads has his/her vital functions in the purok. In a purok, arguably, there are suspicious characters or even crime suspects lurking in its every nook and cranny. And, the dire need for its citizenry to be extra-vigilant and watchful, at all times, is but a must for its own safety and security.

SO, therefore, they have to tap its own community-- using its own tanods and assets of good standing to help them be their own “eyes & ears” for own intense monitoring network.

IF well in place, it’s surely expected to be replicated by its adjoining neighborhoods whose said concept can be the envy of all the other purok leaders to even follow suit for their own respective safety, security and protection, as well.

IN other words, make use of this infectious Concept if it works for the benefit of the greater majority, as far as our city’s peace and order is concerned.

Unexpectedly, the product of this highly doable Concept germinated from the fertile mind of our very unassuming former(Dist. 2) City Councilor Roel “Elong” Natividad who was then the council’s peace and order committee chair back in 2013.

THE irony of it, with all due respect, he was arbitrarily booted out from its chairmanship by his own more boisterous and ambitious colleagues in the august body.

Damn! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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