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Legacy of the sunset


The daily sorties of helicopters are not something to worry about; they happen as frequently as one sees a funeral march in a poverty stricken and over-crowded habitat; so what is there to be scared of? Death is  a way of life around here; there is no secret about this ultra lucrative business of the day; if in doubt, you can always do a quick verification check in the nearest coffin maker's workshop.

Just a few seconds ago, two helicopters passed by so close to our rootops heading toward an unknown destination for the customary and standard military missions: provide air support for their attacking or retreating comrades; extract wounded or dead fellow combatants; drop ammunitions and food supplies to sustain a raging gun battle against all enemies of the state; provide air transport for beheaded or recued kidnap victims; or do reconnaissance  just to insure that the sovereignty of the state is fully protected and preserved from both external and internal threats.

It’s a pity, there are no medals of valor in heaven nor hero's welcome at its gates. do you think st. peter should be impeached for being insensitive to the psychological needs of our knights in shining armor? but it is almost a certainty that it would not prosper with the presence of the super majority in God's domain; besides, this kind of political treachery is spiritually verboten, most particularly during the passover.

But why this gory day-to-day, hour-to-hour, and in extreme cases, moment-to-moment blood-letting ritual in this land of pearls? don't you find it odd, revolting, and paradoxical that people in comfort zones and  positions of power and influence continuously, joyfully, and luxuriously live in peace and security while their brothers and sisters in the hinterlands are constantly helpless, hopelessly drenched in blood, paralyzed in terror, and choked in abject destitution and misery? Don’t they realize how long this scourge has been going on? Immemorial, my friend, immemorial.

Surely, what has been  going on for centuries in our country is just a war game and it's not subject to prescription of any kind; worst, there are no signs that it's going to abate or end in our lifetime. The opposite seems to enjoy the higher likelihood.

But make no mistake, my friend, this perpetual bloodbath is for real just like august 13, 1898 for the capitulation of our freedom and homeland. it might interest you to know that fakery and treason are the foundation of our independence and sovereignty.

No doubt, we have already mastered the art of perpetual war. Thanks to the parasites of the west. (By Clem M. Bascar)

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