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Admittedly, the 2nd Phase of the experimental traffic scheme yesterday—March 27, was again successful. Everything went on smoothly, and such, beginning from the success of the 1st Phase last week, has been an obvious pride for the City Administrator’s Office, who studied and worked harder for its conception until to its execution. Although, the critics tried to justify that, generally, the lesser congestions amongst our roads and highways—for almost two weeks now, can also be attributed to the already closing of classes to most of our schools everywhere.

Thus, the latter critiqued that the kind of present traffic volume may not be the same comes then on the opening of classes this coming June. But such will be some two months yet from now. The President of Barangay eMedia, partner Rey Bayona Bayoging (RBB), tried also his way to check and personally confirm the road traffics in our City, yesterday morning.

He noticed some NOT SO GOOD THINGS to behold, especially with the few of the assigned policemen, to manually manage the road traffic, along the highways of the Camins Road, Baliwasan Chico, then turning left all towards the RT Lim Boulevard. Partner RBB reported to what he observed yesterday morning, through the primetime program—Conversa, Quosa Ba, of partners JV Faustino and SM Belsie Agustin.

Accordingly, policemen were either not in their posted spots or under any shade, texting and playing around with their companions. Along the junction of Baliwasan Chico towards the airport, to where exactly the barangay hall of Baliwasan is, vehicles were all in their own, so that partner RBB did try to look around or locate—while inside his vehicle, if where was the assigned policemen.

In the process, he only saw one uniformed policeman at that time, and was sitting in a parked motorcycle, outside the Baliwasan barangay hall. On such same spot, there were also no volunteers or tanods seen. Partner RBB continued his stealthy observation, along with his driver, all through the RT Lim Boulevard. There were those posted policemen who were just holding their cellphones and did even try to compare, we don’t know if they were text messages or maybe stored videos, one to the other.

While he was on his report, partner RBB was obviously pissed off to what he saw. He even remarked, live both on TV and to Barangay eMedia’s FM radio, that the discipline and the constant CHEST-OUT appearance of the Zamboanga City PoliceDirector—Gen. Manaye, and the PS 11 Station Commander—Lt. Col. Ariel Huesca, are way far from the careless behavior of those posted uniformed policemen.

Thus, they probably ought to be retaught again for their necessary behavior, while in the public. How do you think? The uniform they wear is a symbol of authority, thus they cannot just show attitudes of lack of discipline to the public. In fact, partner RBB mentioned such on the air, as he asked them to emulate their leaders. You never can see either Magnaye or Huesca, play around with their cellphones in the public, and to carelessly laugh to what they can show to each other using their phones.

No wonder that passing vehicles along the juncture or cross-section of Baliwasan Chico and Camins Road do also behave without disciplines sometimes. Last Sunday morning, partner Roland Ramos passed the same stretch, and he also took still photos. Vehicles were almost like mixed up shuffles of cards, each did try his own ways towards his desired or personal directions.

Obviously, our policemen should also show clear-cut accountability to the public. After partner RBB reported such observation, or maybe through this humble article also, Barangay eMedia hopes that there can be changes then to their behavior, else unnecessary future disrespects are what they may get from the public.

Inasmuch, all of us ought to help each other to strengthen the experiment traffic system. To as far as the media is concern, with the rest, Barangay eMedia manages to its best to reach the general public and inform everyone the different new routes. Policemen should also do their jobs wells and wholeheartedly.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy. One who is full loathes honey, but to one who is hungry everything bitter is sweet. Like fa bird that strays from its nest is a man who strays from his home. Oil and perfume make the heart glad, and the sweetness of a friend comes from his earnest counsel.” (Prov. 27:6-9, ESV)

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