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Mayor Beng fond of making excuses


(Enlightenment —Passage of the Day):

We have to accept the fact we can’t live for all times. There’s always an ending in this world. Any life that doesn’t include eternity is not real life. It’s like a dream when we wake up the following morning, it’s no longer there. Listen to this: “No one can live forever, all will die. No one can escape the power of the grave.”(Psalm 89: 48). Email:



“Again she turned her back, Pencing. How can you say she won’t ever leave us when the big bang finally happens here?”

Buyak! Ebos gayot Bogs..

“Malo ba c ta pregunta lang aber?”

Tupao tamen.

Probably, he was referring to Mayor BengClimaco who had to excuse herself because she said she had a trankaso or cold during last Monday’s press-con at City Hall that comes late every Monday morning.

Well, that was an excusable moment for her,but it’ll be different in times of big crises like what happened to us more than 3 years ago that resulted to the bloody standoff between our government forces and the heavily armed MNLF attackers from the Misuari faction. That’s quite a different scenario, and the lady city executive vowed she will never make an about face.

Mira gane kita…



IN same press briefing, Richard Alianga who’s in-charge of the Sta. Cruz Island’s promotions for its being a tourist destination now—so much so being named as one of the 20 most beautiful sand beaches all across the globe, I asked if its security is very much in place to prelude any major heinous incidents like kidnapping, he said the island that boasts of its precious pink-colored pristine sand beach, is well secured and protected with AFP forces backing up the maritime operatives that patrol its surrounding seas overlooking the Basilan Island province and the other outlying small islands of Sibago (Basilan) and our own infamous Eleven Islands that are in the pipeline for future tourism destination of the city.

Remember, the twin Sta. Cruz Islands facing the city’s mainland was once the grisly scene of kidnaping incidents of which the latest saw a Swiss named Hans Kunzli seized by the sea bandits together with his Filipina companion while sunbathing out there one fateful day. That was way, way back in the olden days— about 20 or 30 years ago. But, we can’t tell when the next to come at all for kidnapping cases are very rampant, up to now.

IN those days, they pinpointed the MNLF or the lost command rebels as always claiming responsibility for the rash of all those kidnapping cases. Now, it’s always the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) suspected as behind all these lucrative Kidnap-For-Ransom (KFR) activities here in the region.



SO far so good. That’s how the majority describes the traffic flow nowadays as a result of the ongoing experimental one-way traffic scheme. Its phase 2 that started last Monday, March 27, has been noted as fruitful, too. Its same one-way traffic scheme was applied on first day along the city’s busiest commercial district which is its downtown section, sans any big stumbling block whatsoever. Of course, we can’t say it’s perfect, but comparatively speaking, most are saying, “Yes, it’s pretty well improved with less hassles these days on our roads.”

Of course, again, there are a lot of room for improvement. So, let us give it to them since day 1 of our city’s one-way traffic scheme on its dry run  to help address our perennial traffic congestion, particularly within our 7 kilometer-radius.

LET’S be of big help to our city. For, after all, we’re all its stakeholders, here. (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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