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Untamed reflections


I don’t blame you for sticking tightly to that termite-infested log like a tropical rain forest leech; it’s just another sight to behold before the shadows start to lengthen as the crescent recedes to the womb of the dark; there’s really nothing unusual about solons shouting in an arrogant and excessive display of temper and guts; we see this as often as the frogs dance in a nearby pool; in fact, my friend considers it a festival of egos.

Look at those street images resembling odd match sticks demanding justice for anything that inspires public attention; I think you will fully agree with me that they have become permanent fixtures of our democracy gone completely wild and mad; and what about that wax corpse preserved as a valiant defender of freedom and the flat-nosed caesar who built the bridge connecting two hearts? Doesn’t he deserve even just a petal of a rose? By the way, is there really such thing as a martyr, a saint, or a hero? What if heaven finally convicts him a villain? Will judas take the blame?

You must have noticed that there is too much gunboat diplomacy around a tiny bogus sea which for centuries remained terra nullius until  a sama accidentally found a stream of black liquid that instantly ignites upon contact with fire. Now the giants and dwarfs are in constant tug-of-war. The danger is, armaggedon any time could erupt...and that will surely be the end of all of us.

It’s pure fun and totally entertaining to watch congress in session or conduct investigations in aid of legislation; it’s reminiscent of  brutus and anthony of senatus romanus. The only difference is, the gladiators, clowns, silver screen characters, and enemies of the state are also members of the legislature who participate in plenary debates and committee hearings while their combatants every now and then engage in gun battles, ambuscades, and bombings of government camps and installations. Is this what they call benign treason? Or a mutant variety of peaceful co-existence and reconciliation? You know, sleeping and working  with enemies as best of friends. No different than cat and mouse enjoying sweet time coddling each other.

There’s too much depopulation activities around the globe. The wizards believe it’s the best way  to insure that others will survive and perpetuate our genetic line. They even found a lake of blood at the sahara desert recently, an indication that there was genocide nearby; both victims and criminals are still unknown. So unfortunate there was no drone nor idiot box to record this kind of demonic savagery like the carnage in maguindanao.

They say, our country has become a Wild East where a hunter gets a bounty for any game he guns down connected with forbidden grass; some sneeringly term it a blanket license to shoot and kill  an enemy, a suspect,  an accomplice or just an innocent bystander ; others, without rhyme or reason, just report it as EJK. But what about due proces? No problem, one can enjoy it in all its essence and tranquility in the catacomb. (By Clem M. Bascar)

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