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Its amount of P11M is just not enough


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Can P 11 million amount of money appropriated by the city gov’t for its sports development program serve its very purpose?

This isn’t just enough, at all.

ON Monday’s weekly CH press-con, our lady Sports Development head Dr. Cecille Atilano admitted to the press this amount of P 11 million is merely a paltry one.

“But, this may help,” she added if only not to embarrass the city.

THIS funding, she, however, clarified is purportedly intended to put in shape our youth and to train them early for the big-time if they have the skills to excel in their chosen fields as far as sports events, as tapped, are concerned.

The forthcoming event dubbed as the 22nd Basic Sports Summer Camp 2017 “Learn to Play A Sport Program” is scheduled from May 1 to May 31, and registration forms are being distributed to all the interested individuals to fill up in time for its sports program.

SO, what do you think, is this P11 million amount enough to make it a big success, huh?

Why too frigid on spending for the development of our youth through sports? What’s more beneficial for our youth when getting involved in sports program like this is we help them turn away from temptation towards getting hooked to illegal drugs like shabu.

Better increase the amount for such purpose to even as much as P50 million and even up to P100 million, if we consider giving them handsome prizes either in cash or in kind as their incentives to grow in sports.

That’s much reasonable amount to make this sports program for the youth a huge success.


IN our city’s current experimental 1-way traffic scheme, I see its more advantages resulting than putting the great majority here on a disadvantage.

But, there are still a lot to be done to further improve it.

Of-course, one of the, perhaps, few concerns that both the transport and the commuters’ sectors have brought to the fore, is the poor plight of the senior citizens— especially those in their twilight years, and those persons with their physical disabilities, as well.

No less the dispatchers’ group has called our attention to bring this issue to our concerned authorities as they have witnessed how members of these two sectors in our society, are having difficult times to reach their destination points when dropped far away from where they intend to go in downtown places.

City’s traffic czar former (Dis. 1) Councilor Jawo’ Jimenez, told the press, they’re highly taking this into account, but that their topmost priority, right now, is for this dry run in this ongoing one-way traffic scheme, to become a big success for the good of the greater majority.

“But, we’re also looking into this predicament attributed to both the elderly and the youth sectors, as far as this new traffic scheme on its experimental stage for six months, is concerned,” he said.

ON the national road issue with regards to the newly- enforced 1-way traffic scheme, Jimenez said this is right now being resolved by our City Legal Office(CLO)— hence, expect their ruling on it, anytime, sans any prejudice to others concerned, so they can declare them, like the Valderrosa St., part of our city roads. This sounds very possible as no less Dist. 1 Congressman Celso Lobregat,  is in favor for certain national roads in the city, to become part and parcel of our city roads if only the city will aptly apportioned into two engineering districts by the very near future. Right now, the city has its lone district engineering office that’s located in the east coast. IT’S, therefore very clear, that there’s a need to create its 2nd district engineer’s office on condition it has mustered enough number of city roads to qualify having one, finally.

See the implications? As we say, as always, “Only in Zamboanga City.”


ON the boggling Misuari case that the city has filed, City Legal Officer Atty. Jesus Carbon, Jr. appeared on Monday like resigned to the fact that we are just helpless sans any chance by now, to prosecute and put them all behind bars for the heinous crimes they committed during the almost a month long “Zamboanga Siege” crisis that happened in Sept. of 2013.

MISUARI right now enjoys the blessings of no less Pres. Duterte in his bid to bring lasting peace in Mindanao.

“Whatever the President is doing for the sake of peace here in Mindanao, we just need to support him,” Carbon said during the CH press briefing.

I believe that’s the best option to take a stand by now. And, I simply concur, though with reservations.

Pres. Duterte is one guy whose mindset is just not that predictable. He might change his perception anytime. Remember his seesaw dealings with the NPA, Abu Sayyafs and even the MILF from the start? That’s his unorthodox style in governance. Not found in the book, yet very relevant in these days. (30)

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