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IMC better replaced by sale, again?


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CAN we serve two masters at the same time? No way we can! Listen to this: “No servant can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.” (Luke 16: 13). Email:



MY mole informed me that our two congressmen, Dist. 1 Cong. Celso Lobregat and Dist. 2 Cong. Mannix Dalipe, were seen in Davao City in recent days when Davaweños were in revelry to celebrate the 72nd birthday of their no. 1 son, its former City Mayor and now President Rodrigo RoaDuterte.

“We saw your two congressmen amongst the top leaders of the nation in the company of their House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez. They were there among the President’s allies. Of course they were just more of mere listeners than being loud-mouthed, unlike the way we see them here,” my source said.

‘Entonses alla dol pollo muhaw sila, pero aki ta pone gayot ila obra,” talla ya tamen c Bogs ta gruñi ya tamen.

“Siempre hinde’ puede sila lla, poreso man murukcullu yalang sila lla,” c Ador bueno conseja.

“Uy, ese mi maga idols no sila aplihi, c Cong. Celso ya combersa se na Supreme Court y c Mannix valiente tamen se, ta ladrasos,” ta defende gayot ste c Nado de alla, alla. Bueno gat bos man mamarul..

Ese pa!

“Cun Elong lang kamo palta pa kamo,” ya umenta pa gayot c Bogs man tayton, hinde’ gane’ ta mete lli c Elong. Ebos gayot..



IMC still on negotiation? This issue has been going on for a year or even over such period, yet Zamcelco can’t work it out with these two huge power firms in the country. What’s wrong?

I heard over the radio, representatives of these 2 power companies were here present for Zamcelco’s bidding process last Monday, but they failed to reach any final agreement, at all.

NO less Zamcelco’sGM Engr. Ed Ancheta confirmed that there was a failure of bidding as these 2 firms are still inquisitive over certain contentious items they found in the Terms Of Reference (TOR) submitted to them for compliance by  Zamcelco.

But, what we know of these two contesting energy firms remain keeping their options open for this IMC meant to infuse big financial capital for Zamcelco to survive.

Na asta cuando man se Ed?Asta pa murida ya el Zamcelco?

AND, where are those who have been strongly espousing for this kind of solution to address Zamcelco’s financial woes?

“Dol ya man kakak man sila,” c Bogs gayot. Relax lang bos, lamba’ lamba’ debos pegada, espera bos entra c bosing..

DIDN’T I say in the past, right in this column, that Zamcelco can’t work at all well toward its recovery with IMC for being right now financially in the red? Who do you think in his right mind, will invest on something he believes he’ll just be losing in the end? This is very reason why they’re questioning certain issues they discover in Zamcelco’s TOR. Siempre sigurista tamen sos. Sila pa, and who are they if not Meralco and Aboitiz? Bastabastalangbacunestos? Abla gaha’ estos, “No way, guys! You can’t shortchange us, at all!”

NOW, Zamcelco has its back against the wall. Where are those known as highly politicizing issues affecting Zamcelco?

Yan kakak ya,” c Bogs ya tamen ta entra mete..

ACCORDINGLY, if Zamcelco can’t make any breakthrough with this IMC, it’ll reconsider its earlier decision, so it can revive once again its desire to sell its property to one very interested party that’s eyeing to convert its property into a first-class shopping mall.

Of course, we knew Zamcelco’s initial plan to sell it at the tune of more than a billion pesos to a ready taker to finally bail it out from the brink of bankruptcy. What’s doubly beneficial to Zamcelco, the interested buyer is willing to shoulder all expenses for Zamcelco’s discovered new site somewhere in Pasobolong, and to construct its own new structural facilities, all free of charge. Keber se, y despues entra yalang mga pulitiko lli tampa bright tamen, and they were the very ones who strongly recommended for Zamcelco to veer away from selling its property, prevailing on its top brass to better grab their own idea which is this IMC.

Now, where are these bright people, huh?

“Silencio man sila?”

“Tupao tu Bogs.. taman kakak ya sila. Cay pogi points lang man sos taman apas lli na mga issue..nuay man otro,” sabe gayot ste c Ador, el mas bright natres..



FIVE persons perished in a powerful blast due to fuel leaks aboard a moored motor launch at a private wharf on Baliwasan seaside last Monday night.

It was a total wreck for the M/L Satellite that was supposed to be loading its boat with fuel products when suddenly it exploded, killing its five crewmembers and wounding some others. At-least three others were said to be missing due to the unfortunate incident.

NOW, what do we expect from the BFP’s findings, huh? Are there glaring violations out there when the incident happened? What’s the real cause of it? These are some of the many questions bothering the minds of our people here. You name it, we have it all, as far as illegal activities going under the very noses of our authorities, are concerned.  Wake up you, guys! The taxpaying public has the right to bark at you— unless mukhang makapal (callous faces), naïve you’re just the same. Shame on you! (By Jun Feliciano) (30)

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